CII invite women to get talking about financial well-being


On 21st November the Insuring Women’s Futures initiative, which is led by the Chartered Insurance Institute, wants to get as many women talking about money as possible.

Earlier this year Insuring Women’s Futures issued a challenge to more than a thousand volunteers, including insurance professionals and financial advisers, to speak to at least 10 women about how they can improve their financial wellbeing during Talk Money Week (18-22 November 2019).

As well as the face-to-face meetings, on 21st November Insuring Women’s Futures wants as many women as possible to join conversations taking place on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn under the hashtags #femalemoney #InsuringFutures #MakeEachMomentCount.

Insurance professionals will be online to take part in these conversations, explain the financial perils and pitfalls that women face plus flag organisations that can help women overcome these problems.

Sian Fisher, CEO of the Chartered Insurance Institute, plus other leading lights from the insurance profession, will also be online to share their own experience of financial perils and pitfalls plus what they did to make sure they weren’t worse off because they are female.

Ms Fisher said: “For women to take action to improve their financial futures, we need to get women to understand and talk about the financial perils and pitfalls they face because of their gender.

“On 21st November I will share my experience and I hope others will join me. We can learn so much from each other by sharing the problems we face and how we overcome them.

“I hope women take part in the conversation online and the posts on social media leave them feeling empowered to take action.”


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