CII educates consumers about Chartered firms


The Chartered Insurance Institute is launching a campaign designed to raise awareness among consumers of what they can expect from companies that achieve Chartered status.

Chartered status is a symbol of technical competence and signifies a public commitment to professional standards.

Between August and the end of October 2020, advertorials will appear in Chamber of Commerce magazines, Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales publications, the Law Society Gazette and Money Week.

The advertorial campaign was produced in response to calls from member for the Chartered Insurance Institute for the professional body to invest in promoting Chartered and increase awareness of how financial advisers and insurance firms achieving this status benefits consumers.

The advertorial campaign, which costs £24,000, is the latest in a series of actions taken by the CII to educate the public about what they can expect from Chartered firms.

As well as advertorials, in the new few months ‘Choose Chartered’ adverts will appear online and on social media.

The latest advertorial and advertising campaign comes after the CII launched a web and social media advertising campaign with advertisements appearing online on the website of financial publications such as the Daily Mail in October 2019.

Sian Fisher, CEO of the Chartered Insurance Institute, said: "The CII made a commitment to continued investment in raising awareness of Chartered status among consumers and we are therefore pleased to launch this advertising campaign highlighting how Chartered firms have made a public commitment to nurturing knowledge, client centricity and serving society.

“The Chartered badge proudly tells you when a professional has made a public commitment to upholding the highest standards and putting you first. The badge says it all.”

Authored by the CII


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