QBE publishes Covid-19 risk management toolkit to support businesses


Authored by Dave Dexter, Risk Solutions Practice Leader, QBE

QBE has developed a new toolkit to support businesses as they continue restarting their operations following the Covid-19 shutdown.

Each component is designed to help organisations of all sizes establish and maintain rigorous standards for everyday working practices, minimising the effects of Covid-19 on their workforce, and operations.

The toolkit is available to everyone via The Resilience Series - click the link below to access your copy.

Risk insight: This document provides a high-level overview of the various components of the Covid-19 toolkit and associated check listing resources. The toolkit has been developed to support businesses in navigating their way through the Covid-19 crisis, and in particular around the provision and maintenance of a safe place of work for employees and members of the public interacting with their premises and activities DOWNLOAD

Social distancing and self-isolation: This document provides information on some of the key areas of infection control. Social distancing, shift management and self-isolation, along with reducing contact between vulnerable people and their colleagues, are all essential risk management processes businesses must maintain DOWNLOAD

Hygiene and surface contamination: Following hygiene procedures, cleaning surfaces and keeping hands sanitised, are some of the most effective ways for businesses to keep reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19. In this document, we summarise a range of advice focussed on these critical risk management processes DOWNLOAD

Control systems: What can be done to assist in the effective management of a potential disease claim arising from Covid-19? In this document, we outline the three essential steps to take in relation to developing evidence that your workplace has been managed in a manner that reduces the risk of virus spread DOWNLOAD

Personal protective equipment: Forecasts show that there will be a likely slow decline in the Covid-19 epidemic curve and so businesses need to be aware that the virus may be around for some time. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been identified as one of the recommended controls that can be used to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. In this document we pose the questions businesses should ask themselves about PPE, and propose some considerations for its use DOWNLOAD

Wellbeing: The impact on mental health caused by Covid-19 is estimated to cost the UK economy £2.25bn per day according to the London School of Economics. In this document, we identify the Covid-19 factors that might be adversely affecting the mental health of employees, and propose practical steps and action-points to help counteract them DOWNLOAD

Below are links to some dedicated Covid-19 checklists for you to download and use immediately:

  • Covid-19 Employee Risk Management Record DOWNLOAD
  • Covid-19 Toolbox Talk for Employees DOWNLOAD
  • Covid-19 Example Risk Assessment DOWNLOAD
  • QBE Risk Solutions panel member SafetyCulture has created a dedicated suite of bespoke Covid-19 checklists available within their iAuditor app DOWNLOAD


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