£852k absence cost saving for QBE’s rehabilitation customer


By QBE Rehabilitation Manager Adam Shelverton

A longstanding large express delivery service customer utilised QBE’s pre-claim rehabilitation service, Return+, to support 175 injured employees in 2018. As a result of the service, these employees were returned to work 13% faster, saving the company £852,000 in associated absence costs.

The company employs more than 11,000 people across the UK from 56 locations. The QBE Rehabilitation team recognised that the company faced unique challenges, so worked in partnership to devise a bespoke absence management and rehabilitation programme.

Rehab Express Delivery

The team evaluated the company’s existing health and rehabilitation programmes to determine where service improvements and QBE rehabilitation services might add value. Return+ is a proactive approach to rehabilitation, providing holistic support for employees which results in a faster return to work time.

To help fully understand the nature of our customer’s business and fast-paced work environment, QBE performed site visits with a third-party rehabilitation provider. This gave accurate insight into the day-to-day duties of the employees, enabling the rehabilitation case managers to make more informed recommendations about appropriate return to work timeframes, as well as better informed discussions with line managers and HR representatives.

Delivering Reduced Absence Costs

Working closely with the company to determine an accurate cost of absence, rather than using the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) estimated daily cost of absence rate, meant that the QBE rehabilitation team were able to identify the exact daily cost of absence. For this company, it was over three times the HSE’s average.

Part of the Return + product offering is ongoing customer evaluation. All injured employees were asked to provide feedback on the rehabilitation services after receiving treatment. This helped QBE to quickly identify and address any issues, and to continue to improve the service, reassure policyholders and surpass expectations.

QBE Head of Claims Relationship Management, Mike Haley explained: “The financial benefit rehabilitation consistently delivers for our customers is compelling. The true differentiation of QBE’s Return+ proposition is the people story told here. First and foremost, we are supporting our customers to support their most valuable asset – their people. Through pro-actively helping people recover from physical and psychological injury, we minimise the impact of accidents on the people directly involved, helping them get back to what they do best.”


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