Pool Re Sector Risk Report: Airports


Authored by Pool Re

Our new sector-specific risk report examines the terrorist threat to the airports sector and how it has changed post pandemic. This report is intended to share a more comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape surrounding airports, their possible vulnerabilities and mitigations.

Our expert analysts have prepared this report using open-source intelligence paired with our in-house data and a range of confidential interviews with leading experts and security directors from various UK airports.

Executive Summary

As key players within the UK economy and vital aspects of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure, it is unsurprising that airports remain high value targets for terrorist attacks. Traditionally malicious actors have primarily targeted aircraft however, significant security improvements and mitigations have shifted the threat onto airports themselves and in particular landside areas. While low complexity methods have dominated the terrorist threat landscape in the UK in recent years and would undoubtedly cause significant costs if used to target airports, the threat posed by terrorist use of explosives against airports remains. Despite strict airside security measures, landside areas are at an increased risk due to their status as Publicly Accessible Locations (PALs) and increased crowding as a result of the current staffing crisis. Moreover, the staffing crisis has also caused an increased risk of insider threats resulting from mass recruitment to combat the crisis. As a result, it is assessed that there is a moderate terrorist threat towards airports in the UK. Despite the vital mitigations already in place within airports, there is space for improvement with regards to landside areas, particularly as the terrorist threat will remain in the long term.

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About Pool Re

Pool Re’s purpose is to enable the UK insurance market to offer terrorism cover to any commercial property that requires it. Central to this is the integration of Pool Re’s cover with the underlying property policy which ensures that there is no gap in the cover provided.

Pool Re was designed to insulate the taxpayer from potential financial losses arising from acts of terrorism. It has achieved this effectively, to date paying £635m in respect of 13 claims arising from certified terrorism events in the UK since our establishment. It has never called on the Government’s guarantee.

By providing foundational stability at a reinsurance level, Pool Re has created an environment for the commercial market to re-establish itself, following the market failure in 1992. This stability creates and sustains access, liquidity and confidence to generate the conditions for the private market to gradually write a growing portion of terrorism risk.

Helping UK businesses build resilience against terrorism risk is a priority for Pool Re who have developed SOLUTIONS an in-house centre of excellence created to support Members and policyholders better understand risk awareness, modelling, and management. They have also invested in a range of initiatives with Government security and intelligence agencies to provide tools such as an information sharing platform.


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