IGI hosts Dive-In’s first festive in Jordan


With a united front, women’s voices in the Middle East will be heard and the support needed to make serious change in the region’s business sector can be galvanized.

Empowering women at all levels in the workplace and providing them with the right skills to become leaders is the theme behind the “Glassed in” festival hosted by International General Insurance (IGI) in Jordan on September 26, 2018. The aim is to harness the strength of the Dive-In festival’s agenda on diversity and inclusion in the global re/insurance sector and take the good meanings and well intentions and turn it into action.

An informative session will be led by Mayyada Abu-Jaber, an internationally renowned Jordanian thought-leader and advocate in women rights and gender equality, and founder of the Jordan womenomics initiative, which looks to increase the value of women in the workplace. Also, an interactive theatrical performance will be presented to a diverse audience of female leaders from the senate, civil society and private sector entities.

Jordan is a small country rich in talent, history and culture. In the past 70 years, it witnessed many conflicts in the region that led to the influx of refugees. Jordan welcomed them and now boasts a diverse population of people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Like Jordan, IGI is diverse, relying on local talent in its operations and boasts a 50/50 male/female ratio in the workplace.

IGI has partnered with the Jordanian-founded social enterprise “The World of Letters”, which spearheaded a collective women’s movement called Women as Partners in Progress (WPP), led by the voices of Jordanian women leaders to address gender imbalance in the work place. Personally, as an active member of WPP women movement, I will make sure the insurance sector is represented.

A series of small changes will lead to big change and a collection of small good deeds leads to a noble act. When everyone feels responsible, everything can change. By joining the responsibility bandwagon, a truly diverse and inclusive industry can exist.

Authored by Aaida Abu-Jaber, Head of PR and Marketing at International General Insurance (IGI)


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