What are the burning issues affecting High Net Worth customers right now?


The High Net Worth Hot List – Spring 2019

When you deal with a range of client profiles, it can be tricky to stay up to date with the burning issues for all of them, all of the time.

Our Business Development Managers attended the Compass annual conference in March to discuss some key points and hot topics with visiting brokers to help them get a flavour of things that could help manage their high net worth clients.

What are the burning issues affecting high net worth customers right now?

At Home & Legacy, our in-house claims department handles hundreds of cases a month. So we know how customers are using their policies, and are well placed to suggest a few risk-management conversations brokers may wish to start.

Escape of water – not just a winter worry

The industry is still talking about the increasing severity of escape of water, in terms of disruption to customers and rising claim costs. Let’s face it, this topic will be on the tip of our tongues until it becomes less frequent and costly, and
until fewer customers’ lives are affected.

During winter, we consider burst pipe risks and the good advice around leaving low level heating on and allowing air to circulate to avoid pipe freezing. But don’t confine escape of water conversations to winter.

At Home & Legacy, our experience shows it’s during the summer months, when properties may be left unoccupied for longer, that escape of water cases can be at their most damaging. The pipe freeze risk is less of a concern as the weather warms, but the damage which can ensue when a property is unoccupied can be immense.

There’s a simple piece of risk management advice we should all be following. Don’t forget to switch off the water supply when leaving the home for extended periods – at any time of year. A turn of the stop cock can be enough to protect a home and its contents from devastation.

Sometimes the most helpful pieces of advice are the simple ones.

From stop cocks, to taking stock

Another essential piece of advice, we’d recommend for high net worth customers right now, relates to item valuations. With gold prices fluctuating, Rolex price increases across a range of models, and fine art set to overtake wine as the best performing luxury investment asset; whatever a customer’s passion, it’s worth ensuring an up-to-date valuation is in place.

Listing accurate values for items on a policy schedule is essential to avoid underinsurance. Indeed, it is a requirement on many high net worth household policies – including those from Home & Legacy.

Getting it right is not always easy, so if enlisting expert help is required, Home & Legacy can recommend a number of valuation suppliers offering preferential rates for Home & Legacy customers.

A piece of security in uncertain times

With the UK and Europe still in a state of Brexit uncertainty, now is a good time for customers, from any walk of life, to feel secure at home and in control of the items valuable to them. As insurance providers, our relevant, risk management advice can contribute to our customers’ sense of security during unsettling periods. 


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