Home & Legacy improves renewal process with household renewals bulletin


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Look out for our weekly household renewals bulletin email – starting Monday 7th September 2020

At Home & Legacy, we continually strive to improve our systems and processes to enable us to provide the most efficient service we can for our valued broker partners. And this has not stopped since we started working from home.

We recently put in place some system updates to enable our team to better manage and process policy renewals. Starting from next week, your brokerage will receive a weekly bulletin email, detailing the status of all outstanding Home & Legacy household renewals for the 35 days ahead. We hope this will be a useful summary, which helps you manage workloads as well as saving you time.

We’re intending to send this email to the relevant contact or inbox for renewals at your company, however, as this new procedure gets up and running next week, please feel free to let us know if there is a more appropriate email address in your organisation to send this to by emailing renewals@homeandlegacy.co.uk 

One of the ways our team of Business Development Managers have been staying in touch with brokers while we continue to work at home is by making renewal follow up calls. So please also feel free to pass on any feedback about the new email, or our process in general, via those conversations.

Further improvements, later this year

Later this year, further improvements to the way we transact business will include making all of our customer documentation available to you securely via Home & Legacy Online. This will be for all transactions; from new business through to renewal. Not only will this ensure that your customer data is even more securely protected, but you will also be able to access and download all of your customers’ current and historic documents at a touch of a button, without having to search through emails. We will provide more information on that change in due course.

In the meantime, we hope the weekly renewals summary bulletin will help to make life a bit easier at your brokerage.


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