Home & Legacy 2020 round-up from Managing Director Barry O'Neill


A new year blog from Home & Legacy’s Managing Director, Barry O’Neill

Thank you to all of our brokers and partners for working together in 2020. Happy New Year 2021.

I’ll start this note by saying that the grief that the pandemic caused in 2020 was immeasurable, and as we start out a new year in lockdown, unfortunately the first few months of 2021 will contain more sacrifice and loss. However, the vaccine roll-out injects vital hope into our future outlook.

At Home & Legacy, our employees will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future, aside from a very small number of staff working office-based in a Covid-secure environment.

Last year, like many other businesses, we gained confidence that we can deliver our services effectively working remotely. I was proud of just how seamlessly Home & Legacy adapted and maintained our service levels.

2020 positives

Usually at the start of a New Year, we publish a blog looking back on the previous 12 months, and although it has been a very different year for everyone, I would like to keep this tradition the same and take a quick look back at some of the positives from 2020:

Home & Legacy’s Net Promoter Score remained at a world-class level all year, and the month we went into lockdown, our claiming customers scored us an exceptional 87.1.

The challenging year did not stop us from being shortlisted in 5 award categories, including ‘claims team of the year’ and technology and innovation.

Technology was at the heart of our adaptability in 2020, with Home & Legacy Online a bedrock to us and our brokers. We continued to increase the functionality on there with new features like the Document Portal.

And lastly, we marked our longevity by celebrating Home & Legacy’s 25th anniversary, albeit in a low key style this time.

2021 – hope on the horizon

Looking ahead, 2021 will surely end much brighter than it is beginning. I very much hope that the positive things we’ve learnt throughout the pandemic will be the things that stay with us the most.

I am looking forward to new ways of working in the future, as much as I am looking forward to seeing my colleagues and our brokers and partners again, as soon as we can.

Thank you for your support in 2020. Wishing you a brighter 2021.


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