Has Tinder caused the decline of the UK nightclub scene


Ok so it was a bit of a click-bait title, but it is true…

Nearly half the UK’s nightclubs have called last orders for the last time in the last 10 years.  The decline has been attributed in large part to the smoking ban and increased prices on food and drink, but a more 21st century phenomenon also has a role to play.

The often unfairly reviled millennials are less likely to drink than previous generations, preferring shared experiences instead.  The Instagram generation don’t like dark selfies in clubs and no longer have the same need to go out ‘on the pull’ with the dawn of apps like Tinder, Bumble and Happn.  This change in consumer habits is something bars will have to keep up with if they plan to stay in business.

The health conscious youth of today has indeed contributed to the demise of traditional pubs and nightclubs, however MCA Insights has stated that growth is on the cards, but pubs are having to work harder to get customers through the doors.  The trend for craft gin and beer has led to a surge in independent bars, and the desire for more of an ‘experience’ has led to the creation of themed bars.

Ball pits, ping pong, darts and crazy golf venues are popping up across the nation and the clear problem for insurers is any environment that combines alcohol and sports for 16 hours a day is bound to cause some new risks.

Our experienced team understands those risks so whether your client is a new business or an established one, we provide comprehensive cover to protect the assets of the business including;

  • Cloakroom cover
  • Loss of licence
  • £10k Outdoor Items
  • Business interruption
  • £10m Employers Liability
  • Up to £100k Fraud & Dishonesty
  • £5m Terrorism

Geo Sports, Leisure and Entertainment provides specialist venue insurance for contemporary and historic event venues throughout the UK, including listed buildings, theatres, museums, heritage properties, concert halls and tourist attractions. Our Venue insurance covers a range of sites, from small locals to larger-sized facilities.

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