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  • About Folgate

    Folgate Insurance Company Limited opened its doors for business in 1877. During its 140 years of trade the insurer wrote some major personal and commercial lines and occupied offices across the UK. Folgate gives brokers access to classes such as Property, General & Professional Liability, Directors & Officers and Warranty.  Folgate also underwrites binding authorities through MGAs, independent brokers, and Lloyd’s coverholders.

    Folgate combines its traditional values with innovative underwriting. This innovation comes from the knowledge and insight that the Folgate board have from 25 years of running a highly successful MGA; understanding and serving both brokers and insurers. Folgate listens to its brokers and is able to be agile in an ever-changing market.

    Folgate Insurance Company currently operates from two UK locations and the Company’s head office is in the City of London.

    Folgate is a UK Insurance Company regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

A day in the life of Folgate Head of Liability Dan Watson


Dan Watson

Summary of your job

As the head of liability, I am responsible for implementing our underwriting strategy to ensure we achieve sound financial results, streamline our operations and make placing business with Folgate as easy as possible.

I work very closely with our product development team to create and manage new binding authorities and continuously monitor the overall performance of our products ensuring they are upgraded for the benefit of our customers. We are actively seeking and already have new binding authorities in the pipeline which will keep me very busy this year!

This aside I am still very much a trading underwriter and won’t hesitate to muck in with the team!

How do you interact with brokers?

My interaction with brokers is usually by phone and email however nothing beats a face to face meeting. Even with the ever-changing landscape and introduction of new technology, this is, and hopefully will continue to be a people focused industry.

What do you do throughout the day?

My day to day role consists of managing my team where we underwrite new and renewal business for a range of trades and products, dealing with referrals from my team or other areas of the business, binder management, rate reviews, loss reviews… the list goes on!

My duties also include being out on the road visiting our brokers and cover holders to ensure we are providing support and assistance and constantly reviewing existing arrangements and new opportunities with current and future insurance partners.

What do you like about your job?

I like the variety in the business that we get to see, starting from a minimum premium tradesmen policy to a multi-million-pound business. We receive some obscure referrals however they tend to be very interesting to underwrite and profitable business. I enjoy working with new and existing cover holders and working on projects and opportunities that bring products to market that meet and exceed a client’s cover expectation. We try and put our customers at the heart of each product and provide cover that is relevant to the risks of that insured’s business.

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