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    ERS is the UK’s largest specialist motor only insurer underwritten by Lloyd’s and rated A+. For over 70 years, we have worked directly with brokers to provide bespoke cover for their customers’ specialist requirements.

    For these customers’ their vehicle is often at the centre of their livelihood or passion, giving rise to different or specific needs that cannot be met with one-size-fits-all insurance. At ERS we recognise and embrace this difference; it is why we employ teams of underwriters who are experts in their field to understand each risk individually to provide the ideal cover and it is also why brokers have told us that they trust us more than any other insurer with a specialist motor risk.

Jonny Smith shares his top Gumball 3000 20th anniversary drives


Last Sunday the flag dropped on the 2018 Gumball 3000 rally in our capital city. Like the 19 before it, the 20th anniversary event, won’t be quiet and it won’t be subtle but it will summon every kilojoule of energy each Gumballer has within their body.

The vehicle attendance of Gumball 20 reads like a Sheikh’s shopping list.

Scrolling down it I started to fantasise about which cars I’d like to drive during which stages of the 3000-mile road trip – assuming you could chop and change cars at will. Maybe just drive one until the fuel tank runs dry and then toss the keys to a kid at a fuel station and let him/her keep the thing.

To read the full Jonny Smith authored article, click the link below

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