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It’s been described as God’s Own County, and for cycling and snooker enthusiasts, rightly so. For four days in May, over 2.5 million spectators will take to the streets to cheer on the Tour de Yorkshire, a high-octane cycling race that sees the best cycling teams in the world power through 150 towns and villages across a county blessed with three national parks, a wild and rugged coastline, and breathtaking Victorian architecture. While finely-tuned cyclists battle it out to be King of the Mountain, down in Sheffield, an altogether quieter but no less intense battle will be being waged inside The Crucible Theatre; 32 professional snooker players competing one on one to be crowned Betfred Snooker World Champion.

On Saturday 20th April, amongst the cues and queues of the Crucible, Mark Williams will begin to defend his 2018 title. It’s the 42nd year that the revered Crucible will be hosting the snooker world championship, and players talk in hushed tones about the spine-tingling atmosphere of the place. This championship looks set for plenty of excitement, as contenders for the ultimate snooker accolade include legend (and legendary bad boy) Ronnie O’Sullivan.

These professional snooker players and cyclists have trained all their lives for their beloved sports, but cycling and snooker are not the top earning sports such as football, golf or tennis. Prize money is attractive, but as professional sportspeople they are bundled together with all other genres of athletes when it comes to motor insurance, which can be punitive.

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