Why agri-tourism businesses should remain optimistic


These are testing times for the UK’s tourism industry. Tourist amenities everywhere have been forced to close their doors to the public to help prevent the further spread of Coronavirus, while future bookings have been cancelled on mass by housebound holidaymakers uncertain about when the pandemic will start to subside.

The industry today includes a significant number of farms that have diversified into ‘agri-tourism’ to provide a handy second income stream. We recently carried out a widespread study of the UK farming community which found that 15% of farms have made the move into tourism – that’s around one in seven UK farms that now offer some form of tourist amenities, from guest accommodation and campsites through to fruit and vegetable picking sessions or petting zoos.

 Agri-tourism itself forms part of a broader trend towards diversification on farms, which has, over the past decade, proven to be a useful risk mitigation strategy for farms struggling to maintain profitability. Our research – which was carried out just prior to the onset of COVID-19 – showed that diversified farms typically make 44% of their income from non-agricultural activities….

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