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For motor enthusiasts, the past few months have been a story of patience and forbearance as we’ve sought to weather the storm and make it through this difficult and unprecedented period.

We’ve all had to do our bit too stay safe, whilst enduring weeks of successive sunny Sunday afternoons staying indoors, while Britain’s country lanes, coastal roads and hilltop passes have remained tantalisingly out of reach.

We’ve all seen the bittersweet images of car enthusiasts taking classic cars to the local supermarket or down the road to the nearest park to give their favourite motor the briefest of outings.

We’re all desperate to get back out behind the wheel.

We speak for car lovers everywhere when we say that, once lockdown restrictions are fully lifted, nothing will be sweeter than that first big venture out onto the open road.

After all, everyone has a drive they love.

For some of us, it’s about the breath-taking scenery we get to enjoy along the way.

For others, it’s the thrill of experiencing their favourite vehicle untethered on the highway.

And of course, for some people, their favourite drive is best defined by the destination – the journey to see their children; the journey back to their hometown.

To whet people’s appetites for the driving pleasures that lie ahead, over the coming weeks we’re going to be curating your favourite drives as part of our First Big Drive campaign.

We’re asking our car loving brokers, customers, friends, families and neighbours – all of you – to tell us what your dream drive will be, once the lockdown is fully lifted:

Where will your first big drive be to and why?

Which car will you take?

Who will be in the passenger seat?

What will be your soundtrack of choice?

Whether it’s a trip to your favourite seaside café, a foray out over the moors or a cross-country crusade to reunite with absent loved ones, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the beauty of driving by sharing your first big drive on our dedicated site or via Instagram, using the hashtag #ERSFirstBigDrive.

Remember, we’ve created this campaign for the car enthusiast community to share their passion once lockdown has been lifted fully.

For now, we all need to stick to the Government’s guidelines, stay alert and stay safe when we’re out and about on the roads.

But that won’t stop us from dreaming about our first big drive, picturing the scene and sharing our ideas with the drivers we want to join us along the way.

There are hundreds of miles of amazing roads at our doorstep, and if the lockdown has taught us anything, it’s to be thankful for what we have and make the most of the pleasures, passions and pursuits that are still available to us.

So, get in touch and share your inspiration with fellow drivers, and when the lockdown finally comes to an end, we can all set out on the UK road-trip of a lifetime.

Stay Safe.

Get involved with #ERSFirstBigDrive for your chance to win £500 Mr & Mrs Smith vouchers to make your first driving adventure more special. Closing date 12th June. Terms and Conditions apply.


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