Preparing your classic car for an overseas adventure


Authored by ERS

Every summer, British classic car enthusiasts make their way in droves over to mainland Europe – and sometimes further still – to seek out incredible driving experiences. From the Amalfi Coast to the Klausen Pass, these are once-in-a-lifetime roadtrips made all the more special when enjoyed from the driving seat of a cherished

The ‘enthusiast’ category has been one of our core specialisms for many years, and because our underwriters truly understand both these vehicles and their owners, we’re able to continue growing our appetite for bespoke classic car risk, and providing cover to UK drivers as they plot their next voyage across Europe, or indeed, across any of 48 participating Green Card countries.

But of course, we know that amidst the excitement of a pending journey, important details – about insurance, local laws, safety information etc. – can sometimes be missed, leaving brokers with a big headache when something goes wrong for their clients driving outside of the UK...

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