How the MIB 18% levy increase will affect Motor premiums in 2020


All insurers pay an annual fee (a percentage of each insurer’s premium) to the MIB which contributes to a central fund that provides compensation to people involved in accidents with motorists that are either uninsured or that can’t be traced.

In 2020, the MIB levy is set to increase by 18% to £404m. All insurers will have to account for an increase in their expenses. This increase is due to several factors:

  • The change in the Ogden rate
  • Claims inflation for large claims
  • Claims following acts of terrorism are now picked up by the MIB
  • The MIB is building the small claims portal as part of the Civil Liabilities Act
  • An increase to internal MIB operational costs

ERS Opinion

All insurers will have to cover these increases in costs as they’re directly proportional to their annual premium. Our MIB levy is increasing by 18% in 2020. We need to increase our premiums to maintain profitability. Overall, the MIB levy will increase ERS’ prices by 0.5% in 2020, just to stand still.

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