Direct Commercial Returns to BIBA conference with great 2019 success story


Direct Commercial Ltd (DCL) – a market leading underwriter specialising in commercial motor for the UK - returns to the BIBA Conference conversation for the first time since 2013, with a new stand, a stunning success story and news about a range of customer-focused solutions for its broker partners.

DCL has grown significantly in recent years – doubling GWP to more than £100 million in the last year - due in no small part to its Camatics commercial motor fleet insurance policy, which is re-shaping the commercial motor landscape. DCL will also be showcasing its upgraded Haul In One (HIO) website at the event. The HIO portal currently allows brokers with a DCL agency to quote and bind new business for between one and ten commercial vehicles.

The system will later be expanded in 2019 to allow for the online processing of Mid Term Adjustments and renewals by users with all documentation then being instantly available. The ability to insure a single small van all the way up to a small fleet of 44T HGVs, Tippers, Skip Carriers or Tankers in any combination has really struck a chord with DCL’s brokers. As a result DCL has seen a number of agents transition HIO to becoming their primary portal for obtaining Single multi commercial vehicle quotes. 

DCL’s increasingly popular three-year agreement, Treble 20, limits premium increases and allows clients to achieve annual premium reductions. Premiums in the Commercial Motor market are invariably increasing. Yet by opting for DCL’s “T20’’ agreement on a fleet policy, clients have the potential to reap significant rewards for pro-active risk management and prompt claim reporting through the performance related premium discounts or capped increases for each annual term. Brokers, too, enjoy a period of stability for their client.

Wasteline - DCL’s specialist policy wording for carriers operating in the hazardous goods and the waste & recycling industry - will also be exhibited to BIBA delegates, getting the Chelmsford-based underwriter’s show on the road! Wasteline has been developed to provide a motor fleet insurance solution from Waste Management Companies to Skip Hirers and Petro-Chemical Hauliers to carriers of small consignments of hazardous goods in group loads.

The award-winning Camatics product, which is leading transformation in the sector, reducing claims costs and insurance premiums has been recognised for its innovative qualities. Camatics is a new type of motor fleet technology - a vehicle camera and telematics tool - that underpins an insurance policy.

Adam Marsh, Head of Agency and Business Development at DCL said: “Innovation has been an insurance buzzword for several years, however, Camatics uses proven existing technology in a way that is earning rave reviews from DCL’s existing agency base and their end clients. The ambition at BIBA this year is to widen the Camatics conversation with new & existing agencies out there that are welcome to visit DCL Stand B19 to try out the technology or even take a ride in a specially equipped DCL Mini Cooper to see the benefits for themselves.”

With many months of new data to look at since the launch of the Camatics platform, the statistics show a 7.5% reduction in the frequency of claims and 34% reduction in the average cost of a claim – a combined improvement of more than 40% meaning that underwriters have a little more movement on premiums where a client is willing to adopt the system.

Marsh comments: “The Camatics insurance policy, which was launched in 2018, integrates technology more comprehensively than any other insurance product in the commercial motor sector. The Camatics camera connects the policyholder’s vehicle to DCL’s award winning UK-based claims team giving the claims handler – and the policyholder – immediate access to vehicle CCTV and accident telematics. The Camatics product is all about providing certainty - a task that is made immediately simpler due to the system’s ability to report detected incidents automatically. The other benefit to the end customer is that they are also able to obtain access to a system that can provide a transport manager with other non-insurance related benefits that telematics systems generally offer. 

“We are so confident that this technology will save money that we now include an excess waiver on each and every claim (up to £1000 max) where the camera is utilised correctly. This alone can save policyholders a significant sum. In conjunction, however, with the frequency and claims costs reductions and the rating matrix, overall spend on insurances can be very significantly impacted.”

Marsh says: “DCL is embarking on an exciting journey with our broker partners and customers. We are delivering practical, underwriting led solutions that are often underpinned by innovative technology, however, that is not the whole story. Our claims team, formed in 2017 are a huge part of the DCL success story working with our underwriters by driving down claims costs, which enables us to pass on tangible, measurable benefits at policy renewal. It’s great to be back at BIBA and we would encourage any broker this year to visit our stand to start the DCL conversation!”

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