DCL launch new CONNECT motor product


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As we enter our next financial year, DCL continues to develop our portfolio of policy wordings to further support the needs of our broker clients.

We were becoming increasingly aware that many of the fleets presented to us by brokers had already invested in vehicle CCTV. We wanted to provide flexibility and an alternative option for those who still wanted the same great cover and service from DCL, but were not looking to change that camera provider or install additional equipment.

The DCL Connect policy was developed to take full advantage of already existing vehicle cameras and help policyholders maximise the return on this investment. Connect operates much like our Camatics offering, in terms of helping to drive down claims and premiums. However, policyholders are now able to submit footage from their own vehicle cameras following an incident as opposed to having to use the equipment we would usually provide and fit.

We want to reward those that are already risk aware. When policyholders choose Connect, the product can deliver discounted premiums and the benefit of an excess waiver.

How It Works

Policyholders report their claim & submit the relevant footage within 24 hours of the incident occurring using our dedicated online portal. By ensuring that we are notified of an incident and have the camera footage within 24hrs, our in-house, UK-based, specialist claims team are in the best possible position to:

  • Ensure effective third-party intervention
  • Mitigate claims costs
  • Fight fraud using the video evidence

When we are advised of a claim within 30 minutes of an incident happening and the amount claimed exceeds the policy excess applicable, we will waive the first £1000 of any policy excess that would have otherwise applied.

For more information, you can find the full policy document HERE

If you have any questions about Connect or any of our other products, contact your regional BDM who will be more than happy to advise.


About DCL

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