Brexit, No Brexit: DCL's position on the use of green cards


DCL has always issued Green Cards for European travel and therefore Brexit will result in very little procedural change. Cover will only apply in countries advised and included on the relevant green card documentation

What happens if Brexit happens without a deal?

In the event of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit a Green Card will be required as evidence of motor insurance for travel within countries that are members of the Green Card system.

How will Green Cards be generated and issued by DCL?

Annual Green Cards – DCL can quote and issue annual green cards upon request. We ask for vehicles requiring cover to be identified along with details of countries to be visited, average duration of visits and frequency. Rating & documentation is dealt with by the relevant department. Haul in One will automatically rate annual green cards on new business. Inclusion either mid term or at renewal will require referral.

Ad Hoc Green Cards - Physical documents can be printed and will be posted by First Class mail. Upon request documentation can be sent direct to the policyholder. DCL will not be hampered by the delays being suggested by certain insurers but if physical documents are required we suggest ample notice be provided. Ad Hoc Green Cards may be subject to a charge.

Will digital copies of Green Cards be accepted?

Not at the moment. The Council of Bureaux (https://www. and the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ( html) are considering the possibility of digitalising Green Cards. If you ask us to email PDF documents please be aware current advice suggests the document will not be valid unless printed on green paper.

Green Cards for trailers

From 28th March 2019 any commercial trailer over 750kg and all trailers over 3500kg must be registered with the DVLA before they can travel abroad. The trailer will need to display the registration plate and the operator must be able to present the Trailer Registration Certificate to any foreign authority upon request.

In the event that the UK becomes a ‘Third Party’ country to the CoB multilateral agreement post-Brexit (‘no deal’ Brexit) the requirement for Green Card documents will also extend to registered trailers.

The trailer operator will require a Green Card document specific to the trailer and independent to any document issued for the prime mover. The Green Card document will carry the registration number and manufacturer’s details of the trailer itself.

What this means for Brokers & Policyholders

Where green cards are required for trailers you will simply need to follow the same process as you would for motor vehicles.


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