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    DAS Group UK has been a pioneer of the legal expenses insurance market since the concept was first introduced to the UK in 1975. DAS provides protection against unforeseen legal costs to millions of families and motorists, and hundreds of thousands of businesses every year, offering both before-the-event and after-the-event insurance products and a range of telephone advice and assistance services, including the flagship legal advice service.

    DAS is an authorised and regulated insurance company, based in Bristol, with offices in London, Manchester and Bedwas, South Wales, as well as subsidiaries in Arundel, Dublin and Toronto. DAS employs some 600 staff and has become one of the UK's leading specialist insurers.

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What tenants need to know about being evicted


The lobbying organisation ‘Generation Rent’ has called on the government to remove section 21 of the Housing Act 1998 that allows private landlords the option to evict tenants regardless of any fault. This clause causes insecurity and stress for tenants who rent privately and discourages them from complaining about substandard housing.

While nothing has been decided yet, eviction is certainly a difficult issue for landlords and tenants, particularly across London which – according to Ministry of Justice figures – has the highest eviction rate compared to the South West, North East and West Midlands which have the lowest rates of repossession.

If you are a tenant and potentially facing eviction, Simon Roberts from DAS Law has some guidance on the law and what you can do.

To read the full article from DAS, click the link below….