Improve staff wellness with Cardinus's new Personal Wellbeing Course


Authored by Cardinus Risk Management Marketing Manager Stephen Smith

We’re launching our latest course, Personal Wellbeing, to support customers as the pandemic continues, and beyond.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that happiness has remained at its lowest level since March 2020, with overall satisfaction with life significantly lower, and anxiety higher than pre-lockdown levels.

Beyond the data, we are all aware anecdotally, and from our personal lives, that personal wellbeing has taken a hit since the start of the pandemic.

To combat this Cardinus has supported customers with appropriate training and risk assessment software throughout the pandemic, releasing courses on home working, return-to-work, mental health and now Personal Wellbeing.

The Personal Wellbeing Course

The Personal Wellbeing course is authored by wellbeing consultant, expert, speaker and podcast host, Kristel Bauer of Live Greatly. With her extensive knowledge of wellness and mindfulness practice, and as a respected consultant in corporate wellbeing, she is well-placed to provide the knowledge and expertise that employees need to support their wellbeing at this difficult time.

Coupled with Cardinus’ leading health, safety and wellbeing e-learning platform, which now extends to over 25 courses, the Personal Wellbeing course is can really help to improve the lives of employees as the pandemic continues.

Andy Hawkes, CEO of Cardinus Risk Management said, “The Personal Wellbeing course represents the latest effort by Cardinus to provide customers with the support they need to truly tackle some of the issues that have arisen through the pandemic and in to the future.

Kristel’s understanding of wellbeing issues and the practical advice and exercises given within the course will undoubtedly be of great use to health and safety managers across the UK and globally.

Wellbeing is a hot-button issue, and has been growing in popularity since before COVID, this course adds a missing element to our suite and gives our customers fantastic coverage across all areas of health, safety, security and wellbeing. “

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What Does the Course Cover?

Personal Wellbeing covers all the main areas of wellbeing, including:

  • Why wellbeing is important
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition and movement
  • Stress management
  • Sleep
  • Environment
  • Community and core values

The course also provides deeper learning opportunities around energy levels and sleep quality, brain function, performance and attention, incorporating movement into the workday and more. Plus it provides downloadable content around exercises and practices to ensure that employees can quickly access that information throughout their day.

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About Cardinus

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Thousands of organisations across the globe use our services to reduce work-related discomfort, minimise accidents and injury, increase employee productivity and comply with legislation.

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