Intelligent automation is fully scalable with SaaS


Getting change projects picked up and pushed through can be fairly slow in the insurance sector

Business transformation is on the agenda, but whether as a result of legacy systems siloed by department, resourcing and technology challenges, or layers of decision makers and stakeholders, operations and transformation leaders can often find it difficult to effect real change across the whole organisation.

Robotic Process Automation or intelligent automation can form an essential part of a digital transformation project. From the first process to be automated it starts generating value for a company, but in insurance its true value lies in the ability to scale automation across the business, so it can easily be implemented for any function, from claims to underwriting to finance and HR. Automation can also be a useful tool to facilitate integration projects resulting from mergers and acquisitions.

A cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) automation platform offers the agility and flexibility needed to help push these projects through faster. SaaS is business software that is hosted in the cloud and built and managed by a third party. It’s usually provided and paid for on a subscription basis.

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What does intelligent automation implemented via an all-in-one SaaS platform deliver?

Cuts down the time to get your first process live

SaaS allows for a faster set-up so your company can start getting a return on its investment sooner.  Once you have settled on an operating model, put governance in place, got the relevant stakeholders on board, trained your users, and agreed the first the process to automate, implementation is very quick.

It’s true that all of the above can add up to a few months of work, but when you consider that you won’t need a developer to code the automation or extensive IT resources, it works out to be much shorter timescale than a non-SaaS implementation which can take longer.

Minimal IT resource required

With a full SaaS solution there is little burden on the IT department in terms of human resource or capital expenditure beyond the licence fee and security assessment. SaaS means no hosting is required by the client, whether on-or-off site. There are no software updates to be installed manually as this is done by the supplier, and user support is also provided by the supplier.

Built for business users

By their nature, SaaS platforms are built to be used by anyone in a business, not just those with technical knowledge.  People can be trained on the software quickly and with one subscription to cover multiple users, processes can be set up and run by a larger pool of people.

One platform built for scale

Most SaaS products have been created for a specific function or use case, such as Xero for accounting, or Salesforce for sales and marketing. However, a SaaS intelligent automation platform such as Blue Prism Cloud is a single subscription that can be used by multiple departments across the business. This is because the digital workers within the software which perform the processes are AI-enabled, multi-skilled, cloud-deployed and can perform a variety of tasks — anytime and anywhere.

For an insurance company this means that any process from HR to underwriting, claims or customer experience can be automated using one digital workforce, ensuring that scaling up your operation is simple and painless.  Once you’re running successful automations for existing processes, you can then move on to creating more innovative uses for the platform.

Meeting insurance challenges

With a scalable digital workforce in play, an insurance company can use it to meet many of the typical challenges it faces. Compliance regulations can be met more quickly, accurately and with less resource. Customer retention can be improved by freeing up call centre staff to focus on the one-to-one communications that matter and ensuring claims can be made and processed efficiently. Data management can be improved and manual elements removed.

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