AXA secures fundamental dishonesty ruling against champion boxer


Three time Home Counties boxing champion Conroy Downer ordered to pay more than £13,000 to AXA

Despite claiming to have injured his neck and back Downer posted photos on social media of his workouts

Downer was involved in a low speed collision in Luton in June 2016

Boxer Conroy Downer was ordered to pay more than £13,000 in legal costs after evidence emerged that he had been fundamentally dishonest in submitting a claim to AXA following a car accident.

Downer, was involved in a low speed collision in Luton in June 2016 and had claimed that the accident had left him with injuries to his neck and back.

However, investigations by AXA and law firm DAC Beachcroft, uncovered that Downer had not visited his GP despite his injuries and had posted images on Facebook of himself engaged in various exercises.

In addition, the damage to his Mitsubishi Warrior was found to be inconsistent with the injuries he claimed he had suffered. A last-minute attempt by Downer to vacate the hearing was rejected by the judge at Northampton County Court.

The court found that Downer, had been fundamentally dishonest and ordered him to pay £13,046 in costs. AXA has also added Downer to the Insurance Fraud Register.

Tom Wilson, Counter Fraud Manager, AXA UK said, “We believe that fraudsters should be held responsible for their actions and we were pleased that Downer was found fundamentally dishonest after exaggerating his injuries from what was a very minor collision.

“The real victims of insurance fraud, especially of this type, are honest policyholders. We hope that the court continues to take a strong stance against fraudsters in these cases.”

Catherine Burt, Head of Counter Fraud, DAC Beachcroft commented, “We are delighted that the judge made a finding of fundamental dishonesty against this driver who obviously thought insurers were an easy target. The outcome demonstrates the significant consequences of pursuing a fraudulent claim.”


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