Guests face four-figure bills for stag and hen dos

  • But many invitees swerve celebrations – four fifths of the time due to costs
  • UK adults have been to six stag / hen dos on average in the last 10 years
  • 50% don’t take out travel insurance when going abroad
  • Men tend to spend more than women on their pre-wedding parties

Stag or hen invitees may need to dig deep as Aviva reveals the average cost as up to £1,208 per person, if they wish to join the party.

According to research from the insurer, stag and hen party guests are faced with outlays for activities, food and drink, gifts and even fancy dress. This adds up to an eye-watering potential £779 per person in the UK or £1,208 abroad, on average. 

The figures are according to a survey of around 1,000 UK adults, relating to average costs for stag or hen dos that were not their own.

On the whole, men tend to spend more than women - £920 compared to £652 in the UK and £1,256 versus £1,158 when going abroad.

Around a third of people say they have declined a stag / hen invitation and in four out of five cases this was due to the expense involved. However, almost a quarter of this group gave a different excuse to their host because they didn’t want to admit this was due to the cost.

The Aviva research finds exactly half (50%) of the population have been on a stag or hen weekend that wasn’t their own. On average, UK adults say they have attended three such events abroad and three in the UK, over the last 10 years.

Stags and hens cut back on cover

While stag and hen guests tend to spend on certain quirky items, worryingly, the research suggests some try to save by not taking out travel cover.

Aviva finds that just 50% of guests have always taken out travel insurance when joining a stag / hen break overseas and just 22% have done the same in the UK. Not having cover could leave guests exposed to cancellation costs, outlays for lost items, or even medical bills abroad if things go wrong. The insurer is therefore urging people to think twice before cutting back on cover.

The majority of stag and hen events appear to take place on home turf, with nine out of 10 (91%) guests saying they have attended such a celebration in the UK. While many people just think about travel insurance when going abroad, it can provide cover for cancellation costs for pre-booked accommodation of two nights or more in the UK, as well as transport costs and excursions in some circumstances.

Fifteen per cent of UK stag and hen guests have travelled abroad to celebrate, with one in nine (11%) trips overall involving overnight stays. Male guests seem marginally more likely to travel overseas at 17% compared to 13% of women.

When asked why they didn’t take out cover, 26% said they had no need, while 23% said they just didn’t consider it.

Kelly Whittington, Speciality Claims Director, Aviva, says: “There comes a point in life where stag and hen weekends seem to come thick and fast. It’s great to celebrate with the bride or groom to-be, but it can also be a costly time, particularly if there are a number of weddings on the horizon.

“While we understand the desire to save, if people are looking to cut costs, we’d strongly recommend that travel insurance isn’t the place to skimp, especially if they are going abroad. Travel cover can provide peace of mind in case of delays, cancellations, thefts or medical expenses overseas. The vast majority of trips go without a hitch, but we’re there to help in case the unexpected happens, so people can enjoy the big day.”

Authored by Aviva


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