The benefits of Personal Accident insurance for your employees


They are often cited as a company’s greatest asset, so it’s important to have measures in place to help employees return to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, following an accident. Some companies are therefore adding ‘Personal Accident’ insurance to their employee benefits package, to offer protection for both themselves and their staff.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), 31 million working days were lost in 2016/17 due to work-related ill health and non-fatal work injuries. This situation poses concerns for both the employee who is unwell and possibly facing a loss of earnings through their inability to work, plus the employer who may need to find someone to cover the work whilst the worker remains incapacitated.

The situation can become exacerbated, where an employee chooses to launch a personal injury claim against the employer. Such legal cases can be protracted and stressful for all involved, not to mention costly. Between January and March 2017, personal injury claims accounted for almost all (95%) of unspecified money claims.

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