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@AlulaLoula @AlulaLoula There may be limited sittings due to social distancing regulations.
@AlulaLoula @AlulaLoula Hi there, you can find exam sittings via your MyCII account, using exams and booking. You can also choose to sit this via remote invigilation.
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Do you think it is economically sustainable for the government to step in as an insurer of last resort? Feel free to leave additional comments in the replies
@downthemiddle00 @elliotguthrie @G4Christina @pfsconf @pfspresident @downthemiddle00 Hi Andrew, we will raise this along with the other concerns from your sitting.
@DaveSnell92 @AnthonyAshton1 @PeteMatthew @DaveSnell92 Hi Dave, could you DM us your pin so we can look into this for you?
@AnthonyAshton1 @PeteMatthew @AnthonyAshton1 Hi Anthony, thanks for letting us know about this. We will follow up along with the other information you provided
@AnthonyAshton1 @AnthonyAshton1 We're sorry to hear about your experience Anthony, please can you DM us your Pin and further information so we can follow up?
How has Covid-19 impacted trust in the the insurance profession? We speak to @JeremyTrott6 of @ClaimsSociety and our own Dr Matt Connell in the latest episode of CII Radio to find out. Listen to it here > https://t.co/TR4GlmKsqg https://t.co/6l628iNB9Q
@TheDreamCoach @PeteMatthew @TheDreamCoach Thanks Christopher. We apologise to our learners who were taking the exam and we will take this disturbance into account for those affected.
@ChiefyNick @PeteMatthew @ChiefyNick Hi Nick, can you DM us with your exam location and which unit you sat so we get this looked into
@TheDreamCoach @PeteMatthew @TheDreamCoach we're sorry to hear about this Christopher, feel free to DM us with more information and we can look into this
@createyourplan @elliotguthrie @pfsconf @pfspresident @createyourplan we're sorry to hear about your experience. Please feel to DM us with more information so we can look into this for you