How can we help you with your international programmes? Listen to our business partner Janet Northey, General Counsel and Company Secretary at Travelopia, and learn how we can support you. https://t.co/tKDljyJZQu #internationalprogrammes #commercialinsurance https://t.co/jSieU6f8oz
In @awordaboutwind's latest video interview, @adambarber81 chats with Stuart Brown about the #RenewableEnergy finance development and investment market as well as the best piece of advice Stuart ever received. Watch it 👇! #advancingsustainability https://t.co/Au4ol8ZtWn
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Although COVID-19 rages on, other economic, environmental and societal risks continue to drive losses. @Allen Kwan shares how businesses need to step back and look at risk intersection if they want to stay resilient in the year ahead. https://t.co/llLcyi20Xz #resilience https://t.co/VnzScCgVnK
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With 30 named storms, the 2020 #hurricane season exhausted the list of pre-defined Atlantic hurricane names. How is this season different? Read on to find out: https://t.co/R8F2ByEP5J
Congratulations to Patrizia Kern for being one of @LloydsList's top 10 professionals in #marine insurance! https://t.co/aTUVpzXhAJ https://t.co/rai40iAhTL
We are excited to announce that Swiss Re Corporate Solutions received a direct insurance licence in South Africa. A great step that will help us strengthen our presence and further expand our offerings in South Africa! https://t.co/PMyfPJIBcE https://t.co/JVwEj6Z9rC
We are excited to be recognised at the European Risk Management Awards 2020 in the category “Global Programme Innovation of the Year”. Thank you to the judges and congratulations to the team! https://t.co/nYMqQ7oko4 #internationalprogrammes #commercialinsurance #euroriskawards https://t.co/OeWrnX9Qpy
Experts at @Airmic’s virtual #ClimateChange forum had a message of hope as they identified more joined-up thinking on the climate challenge. Read more in @StrategicRISK 👉 https://t.co/HC3UTiQ9cn #advancingsustainability #commercialinsurance https://t.co/SIDoZACqYt
International insurance programs offer the opportunity to take a consistent approach to risk management, but there are several inefficiencies in the way they operate today. Read Fred Kleiterp's blog post: https://t.co/uTn35yD63C #internationalprograms #commercialinsurance https://t.co/LBHpxFoXyM
Swiss Re Corporate Solutions appoints Emmanuelle Huard-Auray as Head Engineering & Construction North America. Learn more here: https://t.co/YEUEGoiKlP
We pride ourselves on putting our customers first and delivering an outstanding experience. Our customers agree: https://t.co/qjXuLqeLz2 https://t.co/zplrKG3yEl
Why insurers and businesses play a crucial role in mitigating #climatechange? Join @Airmic's Climate Change Forum with Nigel Bamber and find out – 🗓️ 9 Dec ⏰ 9:00 to 15:30 GMT 🖥️ livestream. https://t.co/Vuj45ZwUQ8 #advancingsustainability #commercialinsurance https://t.co/6VLeoipGr1
Is #climatechange shaking up your company's risk landscape? Join @Airmic's upcoming Climate Change Forum with Yordanka Velichkova and learn about different ways to mitigate climate risk! https://t.co/AnFc9hexdK #advancingsustainability #commercialinsurance #swissreinstitute https://t.co/3qJj28fba5
Brokerslink made their International Programs Administration available to their network. The platform was co-designed by Brokerslink and created by us to meet the needs of their broker partners and affiliates. https://t.co/W303ARykxu #internationalprogrammes #commercialinsurance https://t.co/IlrCIqsRcb
RT @Airmic: Register here for the Airmic Climate Change Forum, live stream event supported by @SwissRe_CS, taking place December 9th. https://t.co/QzsC073JKg #climatechange #riskmanagement #insurance #risk #resilience https://t.co/1u2ojprGDi
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Three reasons why insurers need to tackle #climatechange – by Martin Bertogg in @StrategicRISK's recent special report. Register today and listen to him live at @Airmic's upcoming Climate Change Forum: https://t.co/583IrleeH6 #advancingsustainability #commercialinsurance https://t.co/JcZsn5lzZ5