About Insurercore

Insurercore offers the market a way to stay up to date on news and market activity in one easy to use platform.

By allowing underwriters to clearly define their appetites in a simple format which links to a bespoke search engine for brokers to find them, we help insurance professionals identify new contacts with whom they can conduct business, find current connections in the market and stay up-to-date with the latest changes to appetites and job roles.

Insurercore was founded with two key objectives in mind:

  • Make the insurance market more efficient and connected through one easy to use platform
  • Create a modern and educational workplace to attract young people to the insurance market and help develop their knowledge

Our team brings a wealth of market knowledge, gained over years of Insurance experience, working with a common aim of making the Insurance marketplace a more efficient and user-friendly place to work. We aim to help companies reduce time inefficiencies and create a more streamlined approach to tackling everyday problems facing the industry.