We’ve partnered with tech company @HelloWelbot to provide customised wellbeing advice, support and engagement in the workplace. Extending our profile to provide technology to improve wellbeing initiatives and to look after health and wellbeing at work. https://t.co/OF4vMwrRGw https://t.co/xcjqVA31DA
Today @BorisJohnson stated, "companies will have more discretion to bring staff back to workplaces". To help employees back to the workplace and to undertake their responsibilities safely, try Healthy Transitional Working. https://t.co/puI24HSwdo https://t.co/banYHZuybp
When lockdown started, we created 8 home worker email templates to give H&S managers information to make their lives easier during this period. Follow the links in the comments below to download them. You can rebrand them, change the images and use them however you like. #WFH
Will we see more people remote working post-COVID-19? After months of working from home, many companies see returning to the office as a benefit to their business and staff. Others have deemed remote working a success and aren’t in such a great rush. https://t.co/eTqJZJ1aVu https://t.co/aSgCYLLlFC
BIG NEWS! Cardinus have expanded our relationship with Gallagher UK with the roll-out of our on-site risk survey capability, together with our innovative INDIGO risk management platform, to the whole of Gallagher’s UK retail division. https://t.co/3idRWT12lJ https://t.co/luk8YH07id
We will have to get used to a different way of doing first aid in a world with Coronavirus (COVID-19). Claudia Calder gives us some pointers. For the detail, see the link below: https://t.co/voHkLvuQRx https://t.co/tUzFNrm0Tk
RT @THBGroupHR: Today, THB’s Young Professional’s Network were proud to host THB Group’s first ever Pride event in celebration of #PrideMonth! We were delighted to have Steven Copsey from @IncEmp give us an introduction to the history of Pride and why it is still so important today. https://t.co/PdybSSjJTt
Andy Hawkes talks about how we can change the face of face-to-face, in order to continue to do business. https://t.co/cglVuO8Rwg https://t.co/2W2GFYgCCR
As part of the Prevent section of our PIPR strategy for returning to work, Claudia Calder has devised this cleaning checklist which will help you understand what you need, what you should be doing, how to dispose of materials and more. Download it here: https://t.co/RVm6MrNMLD https://t.co/h73D45XCX8
Claudia Calder provides advice on carrying out first aid when we return to work, taking into account the “new normal” way to do things due to Coronavirus. https://t.co/Jzii8SwVxu https://t.co/zSkpTh8st1
Cardinus CEO Andy Hawkes talks about what we are doing to get our workforce back into the office as lockdown measures begin to relax, and how we’ve been consulting with our staff to ensure we have a safe and successful transition. https://t.co/ug9IWLiCXS https://t.co/qmm1cmq5mB
Claudia Calder provides tips for the manufacturing sector on how to limit exposure to COVID-19 using the PIPR (Prevent Inform Prevent Recover) approach to health and safety management. https://t.co/iTTcZ320wX https://t.co/jpgzRTbltj
Today at 6pm BST (1pm EDT), Donna DeFalco will be hosting the ADWEEK Webinar “Evolve Your Company’s Wellness Strategy: Coronavirus Changes Everything”. Discussing mental health, adaptability in the workforce, physical and social needs and much more. https://t.co/hhvB4iUhYU https://t.co/I6ni1prSW2
As we start to return to work, there are lots of processes facilities teams need to consider to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Here’s a checklist for facilities staff to help with the return to work process. https://t.co/AAX8KEsTei https://t.co/TcqumeJmUD
Cardinus have developed a course to help our clients deliver the correct safety messages to temporary homeworking staff or those returning to the workplace easily. Here's how to utilise it to communicate return to work policy and training effectively. https://t.co/B43XX0bN52 https://t.co/fpsxjhEoy2
Do you have staff who suffer from asthma? In this article, we review the latest scientific literature on asthma and COVID-19, and recommend what asthma sufferers can do to protect themselves and what employers can do to mitigate the risk to their staff. https://t.co/ieGHMKedhY https://t.co/FXf4pe8dxT
Download our visitor health questionnaire which allows you to screen visitors before they come on-site, and for you to screen your employees before they go off-site. Download it here: https://t.co/rdDbGbnshK #COVID19 #ReturntoWork https://t.co/0tssbF1dUI
Check out the article below where Cardinus’ Peter Kinselley talks about his own experience and explains the three core components when it comes to reducing stress, anxiety and how to stay positive during lockdown. https://t.co/5kLqpOTUMB   #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek https://t.co/TuxL4zWVhp
While we’ve all been at home with our families during lockdown, family tensions have risen. So how does this affect your staff and what can organisations do to help them? https://t.co/g6AJDr3sYr #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek https://t.co/wM5UndsS3Z