How travel apps are changing the way insurance brokers interact with clients


Travel apps are transforming how people journey across the globe for business.

But we’re not just talking local dining guides, the best haunt to grab a drink or airport train timetables. Now, the most advanced apps are essentially a traveller’s ultimate safety companion.

They provide everything from up-to-date travel information to real-time alerts direct to a smartphone. Apps can also store travel and medical documents for easy, 24/7 access and in the event of an incident, help is at hand at the touch of a button no matter where a traveller is in the world.

This emphasis on safety and security means that today’s travel apps are the perfect partner to Group Travel Insurance.

A great policy and a wellbeing-focused app make for a pairing that benefits brokers as much as it does travellers.

The ultimate companion for the business traveller

The unpredictability of the modern world means that travellers want more assurance and information when they step onto a plane headed for a business trip. Terrorist attacks feature all too often in the news, and unfortunately, business travellers are targets for hostility in many destinations across the world. The features of travel apps can, therefore, be a real plus:

  • Real-time alerts on breaking news such as terrorism, natural disaster and health scares. Travel apps notify users of advised next steps, travel updates and ways to protect themselves.
  • Country profiles including risk maps, culture, medical coverage and accessibility. Users can be aware of no-go areas and how to seek help quickly, should they need it.
  • Up-to-date travel information and real-time advice. If there’s an incident which causes the user to be stranded at an airport or without accommodation, travel apps can guide them to safety in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Apps often store all documents digitally, such as policies, medical records, passports. Misplaced paperwork or stolen passwords make minimal impact, and medical information is at hand as soon as it’s needed to be called on.
  • Mayday button for emergencies, which if pressed can capture audio and images of an incident and email that directly to a predetermined recipient. Travellers have emergency assistance 24/7, and a log of an incident.

Spreading the word for safer travel

Apps undoubtedly make it easier for business people to travel safely, and provide the peace of mind, safety and advice when they need it most – yet many are unaware these invaluable tools exist.

Group Travel Insurance brokers are ideally placed to promote travel apps to their customers which brings a myriad benefits:

  • Makes policies and communications easier to share and manage, saving you time whilst delivering a safety-first service.
  • Bolsters your image to current and prospective customers. The peace-of-mind and security offered by apps has significant appeal to business travellers.
  • Improves relationships with customers and increases loyalty.
  • Aids competitiveness by providing live information and additional services without impacting on resource.
  • Adds value across the entire supply chain

By building this technology into your offering at the earliest opportunity, as a broker, you are empowering travellers and enhancing your service.

If you are interested in understanding more about how app technology can change the way you interact with customers, then come and visit AmTrust Underwriting at BIBA, stand C71. We’ll be demonstrating an app and would be delighted to explain how you can easily integrate it into your own Group Travel Insurance offering.

Alternatively, if you are not attending the conference and would like to talk to AmTrust Underwriting CLICK HERE, leave a message and youTalk-insurance will pass your enquiry on.


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Heather Haggis is the Business Development Manager for AUL with a background in underwriting Accident & Health business and commercial insurance broking. Customer-focused by providing broker partners with A&H insurance solutions to protect the customer and their business.


If you would like to contact AmTrust International, please Click Here and submit your enquiry and youTalk-insurance will pass your comments on.

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