T H March’s John Watson to retire after a 41 year career


When he left school, John was offered jobs with Lloyds Bank and Phoenix Assurance.

However, following his A-levels, he’d had enough of studying and the bank had clearly stressed there would be banking exams, so he choose insurance. Imagine his reaction on the first day at Phoenix Assurance when he was presented with a pile of study books and had the insurance exam system explained to him! Over the ensuing years John did a great deal of studying and passed many exams. He became a Chartered Insurance Broker.

Throughout his career at THM John has worked closely with the jewellery trade giving him a unique perspective of their needs. This has enabled him to negotiate with selected insurers and develop March Insurance Solutions and THM’s branded products for the retail trade’s customers which have become core products and strengthened THM’s bond with the trade by ensuring their customers keep spending in their shops.

Liked and respected by colleagues for his depth of knowledge and ability to find common sense solutions to complex issues, John has helped numerous colleagues to progress in their careers and supported THM’s tradition of ‘growing its own’ talent.

His role has developed to such an extent over the years that TWO members of John’s team (who between them boast 36 years of insurance experience) will take over: Lynne Arundel as Personal Lines Operations Manager and Andrew Wear as Personal Lines Business Development Manager.

Reflecting on John’s long career MD, Neil McFarlane said:

“In April it was my absolute pleasure to recognise the loyalty and achievements of my colleague and very good friend John Watson as he celebrated 35 years with THM.

He joined us at the tender age of 23 and in his acceptance letter stated that he ‘…looked forward to a long and happy career with TH March.’

Little did he know! Today John is a highly respected Director and we are very sorry to be losing him. Over the years his extensive company knowledge and experience have been the source of help to many and his sense of humour is legendary.

There are so many ‘John’ stories from the last 35 years that I could reminisce forever. I know that many of our customers and friends in the jewellery trade have a fair few of their own but here are a few from the man himself…”