New insurance risk advisory firm ‘Duke Risk Consulting’ launches

Duke Risk Consulting is pleased to announce the launch of the company which provides pioneering specialist insurance advice.

Duke Risk Consulting has been formed to meet the growing demand for genuinely independent insurance knowledge, skill and expertise to buyers of commercial insurance. Duke also provides in-house style advisory services to create understanding and transparency. As part of these services Duke also specialise in claims management and cyber risk analysis and insurance.

Andrew Ducat, Founder and CEO of Duke Risk Consulting said:

“We are seeing significant changes in the insurance landscape and there is a need to provide more progressive and dynamic services that are not dependent on the sale of insurance products.

“Duke is not an insurance broker or insurer. Our raison d’etre is to empower clients to make informed ‘product value’ decisions. 

“Commercial insurance transactions are complex, we give clients the tools and expertise to execute these transactions. This gives clients a strategic advantage and helps them redress the imbalance that exists between buyers and sellers of insurance.” 

Duke Risk Consulting works with clients to ensure that their direct and indirect insurance policy requirements and obligations are incorporated into the business’s operational procedures. Duke is able to bring clarity to the insuring obligations associated with the client’s supply chain relationships. Such obligations are sometimes opaque and the implications within the relevant contractual terms can have significant impact.

Cyber or ‘network’ exposures are an increasing concern to many businesses. Duke works with clients to evaluate the specific risks and their impact, as well as mapping these against any existing insurance covers. Traditional insurances provide varied responses to cyber risks and Duke assists clients in understanding the adequacy (or otherwise) of these.

Duke Risk Consulting also has considerable experience in the management of insurance claims across multiple insurance classes. Duke works with clients to analyse policy cover and assess claim merits under the policy; ensure satisfaction of the policy notification provisions and prepare claims submissions to insurers.

The subsequent management of the claim process ensures that claims are managed to the client’s advantage and progressed efficiently. Where appropriate Duke also works with specialist insurance lawyers in pursuit of recovery under our client’s policies. This approach combines practical market experience with legal expertise to maintain efficiencies within the process.