Motor Insurers’ Bureau enters staff consultation process


The Motor Insurers' Bureau has entered consultation with employees as part of its latest phase of transformation.

The proposals, which are expected to be complete by the end of October, are part of the ongoing work to reshape MIB into a progressive, innovative organisation that delivers excellent services, customer experience and value for money for the insurance industry.

In 2018, the industry invested £30m in MIB to create a modern, fit-for-purpose organisation. With significant developments in technology and culture already underway, the next phase is making sure MIB creates the right size of organisation with the right structures where high performance is the norm at all levels.

The proposed changes involve organisation design across various functions and could streamline the total number of roles by 10%.

The plans also take in to account a commitment from MIB to minimise costs due to the financial challenges being faced by the industry in the current economic climate.

Consultation with employees began on Tuesday (8 September) and MIB is now working through a thorough and fair process, listening to and considering alternative suggestions and offering people the best possible support.

Jordan Barry, Chief People Officer said:

Our proposals reflect an important next step in our transformation programme to accelerate our plans to exploit our technology and become a more agile entrepreneurial enterprise that delivers great service to our customers and society. Our plans also factor in the significant budget challenges facing insurers following COVID-19. We believe we have a responsibility to minimise our costs which influence people’s insurance premiums and adapt to the changing requirements our customers have of us. Our priority now is to support all those affected through the consultation process and beyond.