Insurance2Go release industry-first mobile phone insurance policy

The new Standard Cover policy is the first of its kind

The policy covers just loss and theft to keep up with increasingly durable smartphones for just £4.99 a month

Insurance2Go has released a brand new policy, covering loss and theft for only £4.99 a month or £54.99 per year.

With the news this month that the iPhone 7 is joining its competitors with a ‘water resistant’ feature, this policy will only cover loss and theft for the phone owner, meaning the cost can be cut to just £4.99 a month. The new policy will be available for all iPhones and all other mobile phone makes and models, including manufacturers Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and more.

After a number of customers had suggested the amend to Insurance2Go’s policy, they decided to take the steps needed to react to this demand to bring the policy to market. It’s the first policy of its kind.

As well as protection against water, tempered glass screens and protective phone cases are widely available, which could mean consumers are less likely to need expensive insurance policies to cover the cost of fixing broken phones.

The shatterproof Motorola X Force phone is already available, and with predictions of more and more waterproof and shatterproof phones set to join the market, this type of policy is perfect.

Duncan Spencer, Managing Director of Insurance2Go, said: “The new policy is something we’re really excited about. Having listened to our customers and kept up to date with the changes within the smartphone industry, it seemed only right to release this policy.

“We’re expecting it to be a huge success with the recent release of the water resistant iPhone 7, as well as the water resistant Samsung Galaxy phones already on the market.”