Hale Kavanagh Insurance Brokers Ltd becomes the 6th member in the UK to join UnisonBrokers

Hale Kavanagh Insurance Brokers Ltd (HKIB) commenced trading as a commercial insurance broker in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire in December 2010 following the breakup of another business which the Managing Director Mr Julian Hale was previously involved in. The business now trades from offices in Leeds City Centre with 15 staff and just over £6M GWP, servicing sub & mid-corporate businesses across the UK.


UnisonBrokers are an international network of medium sized, privately owned brokers based in Hamburg, Germany who have been providing connections between its members across the World for over 10 years. Its objective is to create opportunities for its members to provide insurance programs for client’s with its non-domestic based business interests. This connectivity has previously been the exclusive privilege of the top 4 or 5 international insurance brokers.


"Membership of UnisonBrokers allows us to source and control the insurance programs of the overseas interests of our existing clients and also allows us to provide similar support to our new partner members in other international territories"

“Before becoming members of UnisonBrokers the language barriers and differences in foreign customs and laws has been enough for us not to have been of assistance to our existing clients who have activity and interests across the World. Nowadays trade between the UK and even in Europe is becoming more commonplace and now that we are connected to our co-members of UnisonBrokers we are, for the first time able to accommodate the entire reaches of our international clients”- Says our Managing Director Julian Hale.