Aon’s Annual Innovation Awards recognise innovation for Tarmac


Aon Risk Solutions has awarded an Innovation Award to Mondelez for their revolutionary solution for the construction industry.  At the same awards, Pamela Wadsworth, Senior Insurance Manager at Tarmac was awarded Emerging Risk Manager of the Year for the mitigation of risk to protect the Tarmac brand via a comprehensive insurance offer.

Mondelez was challenged with a large pipeline of construction investment and developed a model to address projects as they were introduced while controlling coverage across a global network.  This led to improved efficiencies not only in risk mitigation but also in financial investment and reliability of cover.

Claudia Temple, Assistant Treasurer, Global Risk, Mondelez International Inc, said, “We are very proud to be recognized for innovation in our industry. There are many challenges facing a global organization such as ours so to develop systems and processes which can mitigate risk in a new and innovative way can be a huge challenge. We are delighted that Aon has recognized the innovative way we have risen to these challenges and look forward to working with Aon to address other risk factors.

As the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions company, Tarmac has a fleet of over 1,600 contracted haulier vehicles, many of which are branded with the company’s logo. Ensuring that these hauliers operate in a safe, respectful way is essential to the company’s ethos for customers and communities. The high profile nature of the branding on these vehicles also requires a robust, coordinated approach the firm’s risk process and insurance offer to hauliers – not only to protect the brand, but also to encourage new drivers to join as franchisees.   Tarmac worked with Aon to develop a process that includes robust standards in place which are robustly enforced with a fully documented process.

On winning the award for Emerging Risk Manager, Pamela Wadsworth, Senior Manager, Insurance at Tarmac, said, “I am very proud to win this award. Tarmac’s brand is our biggest asset, and so managing risk to protect protecting our brand and our reputation is essential. Our contracted hauliers play a vital role in delivering materials to customers, and are very often the most publicly visible part of our business. So, it’s essential that we have an effective, attractive insurance offer for these hauliers, alongside exacting requirements around standards of behaviour and safety. I am delighted to have worked with Aon on our risk management process, and to collect this award not only on behalf of myself, but also my whole team.”

Stephen Cross, Chief Innovation Officer, Aon Risk Solutions Global said, “Today’s risk environment is predictably unpredictable and increasingly innovative solutions are being developed. We established the Innovation Awards as part of our global strategy to recognising innovation across our clients, carriers and the industry at large. In today’s hyper-connected world, organisations are facing new risks, such as cyber and damage to reputation and brand, which was the number one concern for Risk Managers in our recent Global Risk Management Survey.  Investment in innovation is taking place throughout our industry which is why we are delighted to recognise and award our clients for innovative achievement.“