AA driving school and insurethebox announce tie up

AA GetDriving to help new drivers get insured, through AA Driving School

New arrangement with insurethebox telematics cover only for AA Driving School pupils

The AA Driving School has launched AA GetDriving, a telematics motor insurance policy for pupils who have just passed their test and are buying their first car.

This is a new initiative with insurethebox, the UK’s largest provider of black box insurance.  It is designed to help new drivers obtain competitive insurance that rewards those who drive responsibly and safely.

AA GetDriving, is offered exclusively to AA Driving School pupils from Monday 28 September. The deal means that insurethebox becomes the sole provider of telematics car insurance to the AA Driving School.

Young drivers are disproportionately represented in road casualty statistics.  Young drivers make up just 12% of all drivers yet account for a quarter of all road fatalities1.

Telematics insurance, also called black box insurance, can help cut the cost of insurance for young drivers who, because of the disproportionate risk they face on the roads, pay heavy premiums.

The latest AA British Insurance Premium Index report shows that the average Shoparound quote for 17-to-22-year-old drivers is £1,241.81.

Jim Kirkwood, managing director of the AA Driving School, says:  “Our partnership with insurethebox highlights our ongoing commitment to road safety and to providing our pupils with the best possible start to their driving life.

“As the largest provider of driver training in the UK, we are delighted to have been able to team up with the leading supplier of telematics insurance in the UK and believe this partnership and the fantastic product offered by insurethebox, will be a strong match for our business and the needs of our customers.

“This type of insurance makes driving more affordable and safer for young drivers.

“Those drivers who drive safely should see their responsible behaviour rewarded through cheaper insurance premiums.”

Mike Brockman, Group CEO of insurethebox, commented: “We are delighted that our telematics product will be at the heart of the AA Driving School proposition.

“It means that we will have the opportunity to directly influence the driving behaviour of young adults as they start driving. Young drivers are known to be most at risk of an accident and our black box insurance cuts the crash risk of young drivers by more than 30%, by improving their driving behaviour”.

AA GetDriving is available to drivers over 17 who have had lessons with the AADriving School and is not available through price comparison websites.

With AA GetDriving, customers start by buying 6,000 miles.  If the allocation is about to run out they receive text notifications.  They can then buy Top Up Miles in bundles of 250, 500, 1,000 or 2,000 miles and any unused Top Up Miles can be rolled over to the following year. The box fitting is carried out at no extra cost and Accident Alert4, theft recovery and a dedicated portal– all designed to increase safer driving – are included too.