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ACE European - Underwriting High Hazard Product Liability Risks video

Mark Roberts, ACE European Group, UK & Ireland Casualty Manager, provides an overview of high hazard products risks, examines the key issues for insurance brokers... click here for more
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ACE European - Underwriting High Hazard Product Liability Risks video transcript
Hi, I'm Mark Roberts, and I'm the UK/Ireland Casualty Manager. High hazard
product liability tends to be products that are manufactured by specialist
manufacturers and are used in high hazard, or challenging environmental end
uses. Some examples of high hazard products would be lifts, hoists,
valves, and a whole host of range of products within the surgical and
medical product area, such as heart monitors and surgical appliances.
I can think of an example where high hazard cover was required for a crane
manufacturer. This is typically a tough class of business with multiple
exposures. We were able to look at this on a very positive basis through
our risk engineers, through our claims capabilities, but also, particularly
from the legal side where the contractual exposure is significant as well.
I guess, three key underwriting criteria in this, are the fact that the
claims tend to be higher, and the claims tend to be more frequent in the
high product area. You've also got the issue of regulation, and that's
tighter, and in particularly, when you're exporting to the U. S., where
labeling and the litigation issues are much more significant.
Some of the key things to look for, for brokers, would be an experienced
underwriting team. We've got a team of people within major risks who deal
with high hazard products, day in and day out, and provide an excellent
service to brokers from a knowledge based position. Another area would be
a broad wording, picking up some of the key exposures, like recall, which
not everybody wants to cover.
That's just another area is to look at multinational. A lot of these
products are exported. We've got very strong products. We've got great
service behind it, and we've got wonderful U. S. capabilities to service
this well. And, we work very closely with AIRMIC in this sector.
Risk management is absolutely fundamental to understanding this type of
risk. What we're trying to do is establish a tripartite relationship with
the broker and the risk manager to put together a total understanding of
the exposure and then to establish the controls that are in place so that
we all make a success of writing this business.
People can find out more about protecting against high hazard risks from
our underwriters, our BDMs, our regional managers, or on our website.
The thoughts and opinions shared in this video transcript are provided for information purposes only and do not represent the views and opinions of You Talk Insurance Limited.  Professional advice should always be sought before making any decision
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Hello, my name is Phil Myers and I am the Casualty Risk Control Manager for ACE.

I would like to talk today about the issues surrounding US exports for your clients.

At ACE we have been underwriting US export liability business for decades and so have been in a unique position to observe how many UK companies approach this potentially lucrative market.

There are strong economic drivers for exporting to the US.  The US is our biggest export customer, with a staggering £32 billion a year and has been steadily growing year on year.  It is a consumer led economy with similar tastes, languages, values and expectations as our own, however, the US is one of the most litigious environments in the world and exporters are often surprised and frustrated by both the decisions on liability and quantum.  In many cases, liability attaches in certain circumstances that would not be expected in the UK and other territories. 

Knowledge is power and so it is imperative that you and your clients understand the key factors that need to be considered when exporting to the US.

As an example, product liability law sits squarely in each state.  You can have different regulatory requirements, legal precedents and consumer expectations from its neighbouring states.  Effectively, 50 states are 50 separate countries , 51 if you include federal law.

Understanding this and other factors such as how elected judges, trial by jury, discovery, forum shopping and the workers’ comp system, can affect your clients is key to successfully navigating the liability minefield.

To assist you and your clients we have developed a range of services in which we can help you understand their exposure and develop what we call a defensive strategy, whereby the US environment is considered against the whole life cycle of the product being exported, including product development.

We have written a number of publications such as a white paper giving an overview of the issue and possible solutions, checklists identifying the key factors that need to be considered and face to face support should it be required. 

This approach goes hand in hand with our insurance product.  In addition to this risk engineering support,  ACE are able to offer worldwide jurisdiction regardless of the proportion of turnover that includes US exports.

Our policies include vendor extensions which are often required by your clients’ US customers in order to do business with them.  We have a network of US offices that are able to provide local support  and knowledge of all claims handling.

With our joint expertise we are confident that we are able to provide your clients with the peace of mind to grow their business in the US.

So thank you for watching.  If you would like to know more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you


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The thoughts and opinions shared in this video transcript are provided for information purposes only and do not represent the views and opinions of You Talk Insurance Limited.  Professional advice should always be sought before making any decision.

ACE Worldview video

Introduction to ACE's award winning global insurance platform click here for more

ACE: Terrorism and Political Violence protection video

Piers Gregory - ACE Terrorism Underwriting Manager  click here for more
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My name is Piers Gregory, I am the Terrorism and Political Violence Underwriter for ACE Overseas General.

There has been an over-reliance, I think, on terrorism.  It is very specific in cover.  It doesn’t cater for the events that we have seen across the Middle East, the popular uprisings, the insurrections, the civil war, and indeed the wars that have occurred and it has really exposed gaps in cover.

Terrorism cover is very very narrow.  It is designed to cover an act of terrorism which has its roots in either political or religious or ideological motives.  It does not cover strikes, civil commotion, unrest, the war perils (which is war, civil war, insurrection, revolution, coup d’etat) that we have seen traditionally. 

There has been an over-reliance on buying a standard PDBI policy to cover your property damage and in conjunction a standard terrorism product.  And the assumption has always been if you buy those two in conjunction all bases are covered.

What we have seen in the last eighteen months is that that is not the case.

From the clients perspective, the pitfalls of incorrect terrorism cover is that they do not have the appropriate cover, they don’t get the protection that they thought they had.  Arguments have ensued about the classification of the event, and whether that event should sit with the property insurers or the political violence insurers.  Meanwhile, the client is left in the middle without any payment.

ACE offers the full spectrum of perils.  We offer on a stand-alone basis so we do the terrorism, we do the political violence and the war.  We also offer the political violence perils that really relates to the events we saw in Bangkok in May 2010 and more recently across the Arab world. 

What makes us different, I think, from a lot of our competitors is that we will offer that at the retail end of the business so we have the ability to provide a fully admitted global programme on a stand-alone basis and also on a packaged PDBI basis.

Terrorism is a very very unpredictable class of business.  If you look at the last ten years, the trends that we have seen; 9/11 New York, London, Mumbai, Jakarta, the major financial centres.  As a result of this clients have always typically insured just their exposures within these more exposed terrorities.

What we saw this year is Oslo was a completely unpredicable event.  An individual acting outside of an international terrorism organisation, on his own, as a lone bomber. 

The best way a client can insure a seemless, as comprehensive physical damage and BI policies as possible, is by packaging property damage and full political violence with a single carrier. 

What we do now at ACE is we offer a combined product.  The client has complete peace of mind.  It is the most seemless physical damage policy they can buy.  From the clients perspective, he has the physical damage protection that he needs.


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The thoughts and opinions shared in this video transcript are provided for information purposes only and do not represent the views and opinions of You Talk Insurance Limited.  Professional advice should always be sought before making any decision

ACE Claims: The Bigger Picture video

Key members of the ACE European claims team feature in this video that outlines their unique approach to claims and customer service. Peter Murray, ACE European Group... click here for more
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‘A resolution culture’, ‘Good breadth of technical knowledge’, ‘Flexibility’, ‘Personality’, ‘Strong global presence’, ‘At ACE we are very approachable’, ‘Very inventive’, ‘We treat all of our policyholders individually’, ‘We really enjoy engaging with our clients’, ‘We really deliver on our promises’, ‘I think it sets us apart from the rest’
‘Fundamentally, our business sells a promise to pay in certain defined circumstance, and when those circumstances occur then claims is the point of delivery against the promise that we have made and how we do that is, I think, a differentiating feature’ – Peter Murray, ACE European Group Claims Director
Claims and Underwriting work really closely, we try and find where there may be gaps in the policy to get the right product to the customer. It’s all about tailoring the product to the insured’s needs – Steve Parry, ACE European Head of UK and Ireland Claims 
‘We provide more than just flat data to the risk management, client, broker.  We provide them with information that will help them to understand their claims experience that will help them to manage their risk’ – Michale Van Reeth, ACE European Group Multinational Claims Data Analyst
‘What clients have said to me when they have had a big claim ongoing is working with ACE is like having somebody else in their team, someone who has got experience, someone who is knowledgeable, but is also good in a crisis’ – Jeff Carr, ACE European Group Head of Client Management
‘Our clients don’t choose or plan to have claims typically, so when they do arise we have to understand the issues very quickly’ – Alastair Burns, ACE European Group Head of FI and D&O Claims (UK and Ireland)
‘We have had two examples recently in catastrophe situations, where a major client has needed large payments on as regular basis to be able to get their business back up and running.  We were able to facilitate that in different areas in the World which enabled them to get back on their feet and deliver World class results to their shareholders’ - Andy McAvan – ACE European Group Deputy Property Claims Manager (Europe)
‘A number of other insurers are quite prescriptive with their claims services, whereas ACE aren’t and we will listen to our clients and work with them to put together a programme that really meets their requirements.  
One of our clients is major manufacturer and they had a very serious explosion at one of their plants.  It had media coverage and from that media coverage our claims team immediately started managing the pending claims across all lines of the business whilst we very effectively mitigated losses, we provided proactive advice and support to the client and also all of the claimants’ – Christian Sharp, ACE European Group Claims Client Relationship Manager
‘Recently I had a claim involving a person who had accidentally had swallowed some poison.  I called a meeting with his solicitor, we agreed the parameters for his settlement and the whole claim was dealt with end to end in about eight months.  The claimant was very satisfied with the level of compensation he received and, in fact, after the event sent me an e-mail thanking me not only for dealing with this claim promptly and fairly, but also giving him back his self-respect’ – Trevor Cottington, ACE European Group Executive Loss Adjuster Casualty Claims
‘We are a coherent, joined up organisation, capable of doing things in a coordinated and joined up way, but also delivering locally through our network’ - Peter Murray, ACE European Group Claims Director
'Recently an allocation of funds was being reviewed as to who should help that client. ACE stepped forward and resolved the problem for the insured, made them good and then we worked with the markets’ behind the scenes to resolve the allocation. It was ACE showing how we deliver and how we followed through on our commitment to them - Steve Parry, ACE European Head of UK and Ireland Claims
‘We spend a lot of time with our customers understanding their needs and then communicating them globally so that we can deliver time and time again’ – Catherine Horton, ACE European Claims Client Relationship Manager

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The thoughts and opinions shared in this video transcript are provided for information purposes only and do not represent the views and opinions of You Talk Insurance Limited.  Professional advice should always be sought before making any decision.