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    Aviva Insurance Limited is one of the UK’s leading insurance companies, part of the Aviva group with 34 million customers Worldwide. Aviva Insurance has been in the insurance business for more than 300 years.  In UK commercial, the insurance market remains challenging for insurance brokers and customers, due to the ongoing economic conditions. Aviva Insurance are focusing on improving our processes to ensure Aviva provide commercial customers with insurance cover at an acceptable price.  Insurance brokers also recognised our excellent customer service by voting us Insurance Times General Insurer of the Year in 2012, for the second year running.  youTalk-insurance sharing Aviva insurance news and video.


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Aviva - Group Personal Accident, Sickness & Business Travel video

Under our offering we offer group, personal accident, business travel, and sickness. We also do critical illness in a smaller limit. And the key thing about what we do is build tailored solutions for brokers, so whilst we have a great corporate solution, we're also very strong; we've grown heavily in the affinity schemes market. When it comes to our accident claims and sickness claims, that's been a dedicated team for well over 20 years. It's based in Manchester. They've got their own dedicated manager with a structured team underneath that. They're very experienced; a lot of them have come from accident to bodily injury teams, so obviously things which involved car accidents, EL claims. They've got the expertise, experience, and knowledge to actually understand and help claims. It's not all about trying to stop fraudulent claims; it's about understanding the speed and the journey, so we don't create bureaucracy when we're trying to deal with claims.

It's about the customer, how to go in and ease them, because at the end of the day, they've suffered something severe, and in accident and health, it's normally something quite traumatic. So you have to be sympathetic while you're doing this. We've developed systems internally to speed up the process. All our documentation is now electronically-- it can be pulled through from e-documents, or it can be printed, and it can be sent through very quickly. And about the whole thing is having people in the right places for the right jobs, and the right skill set, and we've continued invest in that. We'll be looking to grow each year, so we'll move into niche areas, which will actually go on further, open our offering for our brokers.

We have got a great corporate wording, but we're actually more than that. The majority of our growth has actually come from the affinity scheme's niche tailored areas. And a lot of this about the consulting service we provide. So if a broker has got a scheme or looking to develop a scheme, we actually go and work with them, actually to enhance their current offering, or actually build them an offering and come up with solutions. We do have various products out there; we're in the police federation market; we can do things like loss of license. We'll do doctors locums; we do teacher supply. We do professional sports, so we do things like the premier league; we do three out of the four rugby codes. We do the English cricket team.

We've done quite a lot and I think for us, we're very much not going to shout it out about how much we can actually go and deliver and I think this is our key differentiator. The affinity side is very, very hard. It's very unique and within Aviva, we have recruited, and we have got experienced people within the team who actually can do these solutions, and they can set schemes up within a week. Well, the main thing is we're very passionate about what we do. We provide high-quality service. We have a market leading policy wording and product. We have recently launched our Fast Trade offering and Acturis bespoke offering. This is market leading, and it's backed by Aviva's online chat. You've got one-hour response. More importantly, it's backed by my own team. The experienced underwriters who know the business.


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Aviva Claims - A Customer Story video

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Aviva Claims - A Customer Story video

Paul Barkshire, PFK Ling Ltd

On Thursday the 5th of December we were hit with a devastating flood. It was unique - almost the perfect storm. The whole of the East Coast was hit, but particularly our dealership here in Lowestoft. It was right, okay what are our next moves? And already Gary Stannard from Merrick Hill had phoned Aviva, and our loss adjuster was here literally that morning.

Denis Thorpe, Crawford & Company

When I arrived at the premises Ling's, it was still washed with sea water, sea water oil and various contaminants. I met Paul Barkshire and his co-director Chris Jary, and we had a brief tour of the premises. Then we sat down in the board room, and I started going through how the insurance policy would respond to the incident, how it helped them recover their business and gathered information about the incident and the extent of damage to report back to Aviva.

Gary Stannard, Merrick Hill Insurance Brokers

As you can imagine, there's an awful lot of damaged property that staff here really didn't know what to do with.

Jeremy Clark, Aviva

So, I came here at 12. I was pretty shocked to find the extent of the damage. And initially, we thought it was about 35 cars; but looking around, I knew it was going to be an awful lot more. Even within this area, as you can see, the water level was up to here, so it was a pretty wide-spread flood.

Dave Stenton, Aviva

In this particular case with PFK Ling, they actually came to us and told us there was significant building damage. There was damage to the stock; there was damage to a significant amount of vehicles. So we knew on day one what we had to do to move this claim forward.

Denis Thorpe, Crawford & Company

The Wednesday after the flooding had been suffered, we had a further meeting on-site with a team from Crawford's adjusters, and also one of the Aviva claims managers. It became apparent that the client would need an interim payment, so that was authorized, and payment was paid within a couple of days.

Paul Barkshire, PFK Ling Ltd

This is a six or seven month program, probably running onto a year. You're there; you're supporting in every meeting we have we are giving that reassurance. You're going to be there; you're not just paying out on a claim and running away. You are supporting us to the very end to get us back to where we were. We really are grateful for that support.

Denis Thorpe, Crawford & Company

The meetings will continue throughout the lifetime of the claim, which is some distance from settlement, even when building works are complete - which hopefully they will be done by May. There will still be a subsequent period for the business to recover, and we'll be working with them during that time to try and provide reassurance and to deal with things like regular interim payments to make sure the business is in funds to continue with this process.

Paul Barkshire, PFK Ling Ltd

My goodness, what a machine to deal with. The service: seamless. Support: seamless. Professionalism and reassuring.

Gary Stannard, Merrick Hill Insurance Brokers

In this particular case, the performance was faultless. At the end of the day we had 161 vehicles written off. Almost a million payments paid in little over a week. Claim service doesn't get any better than that.

Paul Barkshire, PFK Ling Ltd


I think the service has just been second to none across the board.

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