Only 536 days until Noughties can start buying insurance

24 Jun 2014

Let’s face it generation Noughties or to put it another way ‘generation mobile’ are hard-wired to the digital age; they were born in the midst of it after all.  They know no different. To them the Digital Age is just normal (get over it), it’s how they roll…

For them swiping at a screen and not getting a response is just plain weird.  Say the word tablet and they don’t automatically think ‘medicine cabinet’, they think iPad. 

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Assess the financial risk of Social Media

06 May 2014

It’ll come as no great shock to those that know me that my intimate knowledge of FCA rules that apply to UK based insurance brokers is fairly sketchy. 

That said, over coffee and Biscotti with a good friend of mine recently who is ‘in the know’ on such matters, he mentioned that insurance brokers, as regulated businesses, are required to maintain a business ‘risk register’. 

Posted by Paul | youTalk-insurance
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Appraisal review: Top tips on how to use feedback to improve your performance

03 Feb 2014

January provides us with a great opportunity for reflecting on the previous year:

  • What went well?
  • What did we learn?
  • What will we do differently in 2014?

A key part to this process will be our appraisal review, which is likely to include feedback. The amount and type of feedback will depend on how active you have sought this and any formal processes and systems your organisation has for seeking and collating feedback, such as, 360 degree reviews.

Posted by Beverley Lyn | Lyn Consulting
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The dilemma insurance brokers face when carriers are downgraded; how should they react?

20 Jan 2014

The related issues of the identification by some carriers of inadequate reserves, and consequent ratings downgrades (or the ongoing risk of these) have highlighted an old problem for many brokers; how, if they use as their base case a minimum rating level of ‘A-‘ (as many do) for their level of automatically accepting carrier security, should they react to a downgrade of a previously ‘A range’ carrier to the ‘BBB range’?

Posted by Peter Hughes | Litmus Analysis
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The Loss Experience

03 Dec 2013

I remember sitting next to the head of a major broking house not that long ago and we were discussing how surprising it was that the Gulf of Mexico hadn’t experienced a major hurricane since 2008, which then led onto a discussion of the frequency of major claims.

Posted by Suki Basi | Russell Group
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MyLicence industry initiative to reduce fraud and further improve customer service

18 Nov 2013
Tackling fraud remains a key strategic priority for the insurance industry. Customers understandably don’t want to  pay for fraud through higher premiums. Which is why the MyLicence project is so important – it should make a real difference to motor insurance customers. So we hope that the industry will really get behind this initiative. 
From summer next year, MyLicence will enable customers to provide their driving licence data when they buy motor insurance.
Posted by James Dalton | Association of British Insurers
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Spending Power

23 Sep 2013

Mid-September saw the great and good of the international reinsurance market converge on the Cote D’Azur for the annual Monte Carlo Reinsurance Rendez Vous, the greatest networking event of the year and one where the champagne industry receives a significant boost to its yearly turnover.

Yours truly was there, and I thought it might be interesting to reflect on how what was being said might impact the UK market going into 2014.  I know, I know, you’re thinking- what does

Posted by Marcus Alcock | DnA Financial Media
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Insurance Media - 'Give Insurers a break'

09 Sep 2013

I am going to talk about Aviva but the sentiments I express could apply to any of our major insurers.

I have watched intently as Aviva has been criticised in the press for the manner in which the current senior management have been acting.

Posted by Robin Wood | RWA Group
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