The Loss Experience

03 Dec 2013

I remember sitting next to the head of a major broking house not that long ago and we were discussing how surprising it was that the Gulf of Mexico hadn’t experienced a major hurricane since 2008, which then led onto a discussion of the frequency of major claims.

Posted by Suki Basi | Russell Group
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Never Mind The ‘Elf and Safety, It’s The Brand, Stupid!

22 Jun 2013

What recent parliamentary Act has “the potential to be the most significant piece of legislation for health and safety law in 40 years”?

In an article I recently read by Helen Grimberg of law firm Berrymans Lace Mawer, it's the recently adopted Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013.

According to Grimberg, the act "Once implemented, it will allow for the removal of strict liability, in civil claims, for breaches of certain health and saftey regulations"

Posted by Chris Don | DnA Financial Media
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