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Towergate’s top tips on perfecting the art of food photography


Towergate's photograpy insurance team provide some useful advice for professional photographers...

Have you ever thought of reviving hard stale cheese with a hairdryer? Or livening up limp lettuce using a wet kitchen towel? How about making your burger look bigger using a pile of potato slices?

No, these aren’t the latest tips from a MasterChef judge - they are handy hints for food photographers to make their work look more appetising.

With the rise of social media, the phrase ‘eating with your eyes’ has never been as true as it is today.

Most of us sharing our gastronomic creations on Instagram are armed with nothing more than a smartphone and an appetite, but there is a growing number of professionals whose pristine food styling and specialist photography techniques are highly sought after by chefs, restaurants and publications to bring their meals to life.

Insurer Towergate has teamed up with award-winning photographer Lisa Barber and Instagram foodie Jennifer Forbes to help aspiring snappers perfect their art by offering some top tips on the art of food photography.

We faced-off the two photographers to see how amateurs differ to professionals when they approached the challenge of photographing five of Instagram’s favourite foods.

Speaking to the two photographers after the shoot, they both offered their own unique advice on how to get the best snap.

Lisa Barber says to be a good photographer, you need a keen eye for detail.

"I prefer to access natural light and position my camera where it will bring out the colours of the food. Once I have the lighting just right, I focus on positioning the food to create the shot I want.

"It's also worth thinking about how props can set a certain mood - I like to carry a suitcase that's full of backgrounds, crockery and condiments. When photographing cheese, I’ll often bring a hairdryer to help keep that glistening melted look. Straws are great to use when shooting ice cream: a short blow gives a lovely shine when it starts to look icy.”

Jennifer Forbes says:

“When it comes to taking food photos, I’ve always thought you can fix pretty much anything with a well-chosen filter and maxed-up saturation. This approach has landed me a fair few Insta-likes over the years – well, that and some arguably excessive hashtagging.

“Working next to a professional food photographer made me realise how much work goes into the pre-production of a good photo. It will certainly benefit my Instagram career, which I hope will finally kick-off with my new-found knowledge."

Towergate, provides specialist insurance designed for your businesses, properties, passions, and most things in between.

Its unique photography insurance offers photographers from professionals to hobbyists bespoke cover to suit their needs, with policies covering opportunist or ‘open theft’.

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