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    ERS is the UK’s largest specialist motor only insurer underwritten by Lloyd’s and rated A+. For over 70 years, we have worked directly with brokers to provide bespoke cover for their customers’ specialist requirements.

    For these customers’ their vehicle is often at the centre of their livelihood or passion, giving rise to different or specific needs that cannot be met with one-size-fits-all insurance. At ERS we recognise and embrace this difference; it is why we employ teams of underwriters who are experts in their field to understand each risk individually to provide the ideal cover and it is also why brokers have told us that they trust us more than any other insurer with a specialist motor risk.

ERS announces pre-registration to report and track claims online and new differential excesses


“To help keep policy holder’s premiums as low as possible, we’re always looking at ways to reduce the cost of claims and the time it takes to complete a claims process. Today, we’re pleased to announce some changes in the way we handle your customer claims, to save you time and your customers money.

  • We're launching a new way to help you submit claims quickly and track them online. Pre-register now.
  • To encourage early claims notifications, we now offer £100 excess back on new and renewed Taxi and Everyday Vehicle policies, if we're notified within 24 hours.
  • We've made significant improvements to our approved repair network and now support repairs for even more specialist vehicles…

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