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    In the UK, AIG Europe Limited is one of the largest insurance companies specialising in the UK business insurance market. With offices throughout the country, AIG insures many of the UK’s top businesses, thousands of mid sized and smaller companies, as well as millions of individuals.  Over the past 60 years, AIG has established an enviable reputation for developing innovative insurance products that keep in step with new trends and directions in business. Today, AIG has one of the widest product ranges in the market.  youTalk-insurance sharing AIG insurance news and video.

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    S&P: A+, Moody's: A1, Fitch: A, AM Best: A

'I'm coming home to AIG' - Brian Duperrault, AIG President and Chief Executive


In 1973, I started my career as an actuarial trainee at AIG. I saw a lot during my 21 years at the company and a lot has changed since then, but it's great to be back. During my first employee Town Hall as CEO, I told our employees that my first thought about taking this job was, ‘You’ve got to be crazy.’

My head said don’t do it, but my heart kept saying, ‘No, you should do this.’ And the best decisions are always made with my heart.

It’s actually how I joined the company the first time around – using my heart over my head. And I loved the people that I was working with. They were energized, winning and conquering the world.

I get the same feeling today – it’s the talent at this company that makes me excited to come back. And I feel a great sense of camaraderie as this group has been through everything together. In many ways, by taking on this role, I’m coming home. Yes, it’s a different place from when I left, but it has the same great culture. A culture we can build on.

But that’s only one reason I’m coming back. The other is the company’s long term prospects – because I think AIG’s best days are still ahead of it. And I want to be a part of that company. So how do we get there?

Those of you who are familiar with my track record won’t be surprised to hear that my priorities for AIG include a commitment to technology and a focus on growth, accompanied by underwriting discipline.

By focusing on emerging technologies and data analytics, we’re going to transform the way AIG delivers and underwrites insurance. Already we have several initiatives under way, such as our work with Hamilton USA, our joint venture with Attune and our investment with Two Sigma that will help put AIG at the forefront of the industry.

And while technology is an essential component of a long-term strategy, let me be clear, I am here to grow the company. AIG has the substance in its businesses and people to pursue both organic and inorganic growth opportunities. And through the right combination of underwriting discipline, diversification and growth, we will build a more balanced business that can deliver consistent profits and outperform our peers.

So when you combine the talent at AIG with the company’s future prospects, I’m betting that following my heart in coming back will be the best decision of my career. Because we’re going to get back on top. We’re going to be smart, aggressive, and we’re going to know so much more about the business than the other guy, we can’t help but win. Across the company, our businesses provide a terrific foundation for our future. And that future starts now.

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