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    Ageas is an international insurance group ranked among the top 20 insurance companies in Europe with a heritage spanning more than 180 years. Here in the UK, we offer a broad range of Personal and Commercial insurance solutions including niche and non-standard cover and we’re focused on working with you to create a package that’s right for you and your customers. Coupled with our strong reputation for our award-winning1 in-house claims service, our commitment to product development, innovative underwriting and competitive pricing are key elements of our proposition. This is evidenced by 18 industry recognised awards won in 2013 alone, as well as being the 2nd largest private car insurer in the UK by volume2.

    1. Post Claims Awards 2014 and Insurance Times Claims Excellence Awards 2014

    2 AM Best database of UK based insurance companies submitting FSA returns (FY 2012) by volume, includes internal analysis to include overseas returns

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    A+ ‘Strong’ Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) rating by Fitch, with a ‘Stable’ outlook, A- with a positive outlook rating by S&P

Ageas Retail CEO Ant Middle details 7 ways the future of insurance claims will be completely different (and 1 where it will always be the same)


Seven ways the future of insurance claims will be completely different. (And one where it will always be the same).

1. Technology will be more important than ever.

Technology in the form of the internet has already revolutionised the insurance industry. (Just think about the incredible rise of the aggregators.) Now automation is coming. Self-driving cars are almost on the forecourt. We’ll soon be able to automate the most basic claims entirely if we want.

2. Artificial intelligence will change the game.

A machine created by Google recently beat a human Go master for the first time. It’s a game that requires ‘human’ intuition as well as strategy. So AI is coming closer. It will make it easier to automate more processes – even ones that require judgment.

3. Machines will enable insurers to deliver better customer service.

Policyholders want better customer service. That doesn’t mean they want more human interaction. They want better quality interactions. Technology will enable us to let our expert humans help our customers.

4. The internet of things will revolutionise claims.

Remote sensors will tell us where things are – and what state they’re in. From cars to white goods, we’ll know the facts, sometimes before our customers.

5. Drones will help our loss adjusters.

We will be able to dispatch drones to inspect damage to properties, so loss adjusters can focus on what really matters.

6. Big data will drive change and help manage risk.

We will be able to better understand how people behave in different situations by pooling their data and analysing it.

7. We will treat policyholders more as individuals.

We’ll know more about our customers than ever before. We’ll be able to use that information for the first time to predict what they need. So we can give them more of what they want.

8. And finally, human judgment will always be crucial to set the right priorities and judge success.

As technology drives all insurers down a path that makes them seem more similar, it will be the quality of our people and their intelligence that will sort the sheep from the goats. The more everyone is thinking about technology, the more important it will be to think about human beings.

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