UNA expands its broker alliance

The appointment of R A Cowen & Partners Ltd fulfils UNA’s expansion promise with the addition of more members in 2016 a possibility

The UNA Alliance has announced the appointment of R A Cowen & Partners Ltd, who operates throughout the Midlands and East of England, taking effect from 1st July 2016. Founded in 1973, R A Cowen & Partners Ltd provides tailored insurance and risk management solutions to commercial clients across the business and SME sectors. Its appointment as a UNA member will introduce the firm to an increased market presence and exclusive use and input into UNA branded products. Furthermore, UNA has now increased its membership to 12 of the UK’s largest regional insurance brokers.

Founded in 1997, UNA has since established strong commercial relationships with its insurer partners, based upon the sound principal of mutual benefit. This will also enhance R A Cowen & Partners Ltd’s market presence throughout the business communities and other key markets the firm represents. Members are carefully selected to join UNA, sharing common goals whilst retaining their independence and providing each member with access to various internal support groups.

UNA Executive Chairman, Tim Ryan commented: “R A Cowen & Partners Ltd is a firm which demonstrates the attributes and qualities to make it a perfect fit as a UNA member. We are obviously delighted to welcome the firm on board. It is a very well respected business across the Midlands and East of England and comes with an established reputation and strong market presence, so its voice will be heard and they will sit well round our table.”

Paul Chaplin, Managing Director at R A Cowen & Partners Ltd adds: “Independence and professionalism are strengths at the core of our business since our foundation in 1973. By joining other, like-minded independent brokers from across the UK we now see this as an opportunity to make us stronger, to further enhance our strengths, and meet our objectives which includes growing the business. UNA is a unique force in the insurance broking marketplace and we look forward to meeting our objectives as a UNA member.”

Hinting at the appointment of more members for the UNA Alliance, Tim Ryan added: “I’ve said it many times before but we don't want to be considered the same as other networks and alliances - we want to be the proactive one; and we want to be the productive one. That means growing but organically rather than just moving around business that's already held. We want more members but they’ve obviously got to be the right fit for us as well as UNA being the right fit for them.“