New London insurance market professional networking platform

Introducing WheresColes; the capital’s first ever, sector-specific professional social network, created solely for the thriving insurance market.

This dynamic social networking site will offer underwriters and brokers an unprecedented opportunity to interact in a streamlined way, without clutter from users from other sectors. Members of WheresColes will benefit from real-time communication with their peers, coworkers and industry leaders, as well as being able to build new contacts, advertise for job openings, follow industry feeds and upload syndicate diaries – all from one user-friendly platform.

Annette Carmody, Managing Director of SERVCA London Markets and the Founder of WheresColes, says, “Working within the insurance industry for many years, I could see first-hand that there was real demand for an industry-specific platform that would allow brokers and underwriters to communicate without having to scroll through endless posts from users in other industries.”

She adds, “Having a social networking platform that focuses purely on the insurance industry gives professionals in this sphere the opportunity to network and communicate in exciting new ways, whether they’re reaching out to industry experts, discussing the latest hot topics or uploading syndicate attendance diaries.”

The site will offer a multitude of features that insurance professionals will benefit from. The built-in marketing tools will make it simple for smaller companies to get their name heard, with business listings and newsletter tools, while posting job advertisements or sourcing new talent will become much easier, thanks to the lack of users from other industries. WheresColes will also offer unprecedented opportunities for B2B marketing between firms in the insurance sector, and social events can be planned and publicized entirely on the platform, attracting professionals from all over the capital.

The name ‘WheresColes’ stems from Ms Carmody’s (nee Coleman) time working as a trainee broker at Lloyd’s, when her hectic schedule would take her all over the building. Her employer would broadcast messages to Annette over the old-fashioned tannoy system, with the refrain, “Where is Coles?” echoing around the building on a regular basis. The phrase became a running joke, and now offers the perfect way to sum up the social networking site as a way to make your voice heard and attract attention within the insurance industry.

Ms Carmody continues, “The appetite for an exclusive social networking site is really there among the insurance community, and I’m thrilled to be launching WheresColes to fill that gap in the market. The combination of professional and social activity is sure to keep users coming back, and we’ll be consulting with our members over the coming months to ensure that the site contains the most useful features and tools that are vital to business performance in today’s fast-paced social and tech-savvy world.”

For more information, or to join WheresColes today, visit the website: