New Lead Generator website launched aimed at Helping Improve Road Safety

A new comparison website for the fleet industry and lead generator for fleet insurance providers has been launched aimed at providing fleet insurance companies with free leads if they promote road safety and support in-vehicle technology.

FleetsCompare saves HGV, Van, Taxi, Courier, and Haulage fleets and fleet insurance providers both time and money by reducing the cost of vehicle technology designed to improve road safety through large negotiated discounts from a wide range of companies, including leading providers of vehicle cameras , Telematics , vehicle leasing and suppliers. This not only allows customers to compare prices and services, but offers the real-time leads to fleet insurance providers for free, if they support this technology into their policies.

Founder of FleetsCompare, Simon Marsh, who has 20 years’ experience in the fleets, vehicle technology and logistics industries said, “Having operated and owned a fleet of over 200 vehicles in a former role that was using vehicle cameras and telematics, I fully understand the benefits of vehicle technology and the complexity of choosing the right supplier, as well as the time it takes to make an informed choice. I was at the forefront of in-vehicle technology such as telematics as early as 1997 and vehicle cameras in 2006. I was also involved with the creation of a well-known vehicle camera company in 2009 and became the MD of that company in 2013. My first-hand experience and knowledge of procurement within these sectors is the reason behind the launch of FleetsCompare.”

How it works

To be able to benefit from a wide range of negotiated discounts, users of FleetsCompare simply fill in their requirements by choosing a service from the Fleet Managers’ Tool Box. This Tool Box has been specifically designed for fleet operators, enabling them to input the size of their fleet, select the service or product they are looking for and submit their contact details. However, unlike normal comparison sites, fleet operators can speak with a member of the FleetsCompare team from 8 am to 9 pm, who will then help them find the right solution or help with any issue or problem the caller is experiencing.

Marsh commented further by saying, “FleetsCompare is particularly strong within the vehicle camera sector, as we source the products direct from the factories that supply many of the well-known UK vehicle camera distributors we have launched a new HD 720p lower cost 3G MDVR and can pass on as much as a 50% saving to our clients. We only work with leading fleet insurance providers that have schemes in place to support vehicle camera technology as standard. Insurers are now really beginning to appreciate the benefits of using this latest technology. Not only does using this sort of equipment considerably improve road safety, it also helps the fleet protect themselves from fraud, function more efficiently, saving companies time, money and making the fleet a better insurable risk.

The benefits of using FleetsCompare

The fundamental idea behind the website is to help any business looking to improve safety levels, improve its fleet’s efficiency, reduce costs and take the time and hassle out of the procurement process. Ultimately, the impact for the industry itself will be lower costs for these products and services. also helps users by providing readily available information on different solutions and the best technology on the market to help achieve this.

Marsh concluded, “Our teams work methodically and systematically with you to analyse and evaluate your individual business needs, leaving you with the assurance that you’re in the most capable, experienced and professional hands. We only recommend suppliers we know will offer quality products that deliver in every aspect. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and, put simply, we’re committed to helping fleet operators find the right solution at the right price whilst making our roads a safer place.”

FleetsCompare are proud supporters of the road safety charity Brake and Sarah-Jane Martin, a spokesperson for the organisation commented the following: “Brake is delighted that FleetsCompare have committed to supporting the charity, and to raising awareness about road safety. I applaud their dedication to supporting road crash victims, and passion for improving road safety through promoting the use of vehicle CCTV and other technologies. Their efforts are a fantastic example of how companies can improve road safety and Brake looks forward to a long-lasting partnership with FleetsCompare.”