MIB reports rise in claims for hit and run accidents

Reduction in uninsured driving highlights increase in untraced cases  

Academic research to be undertaken to understand more about the problem

The MIB (Motor Insurers’Bureau), which compensates victims of accidents with uninsured and untraced drivers, says the number of claims where the driver did not stop has gone up in the last year.

In 2014, 13,483 claims for untraced drivers were made to the Bureau, compared to 12,884 in 2013.

Paul Ryman-Tubb, Head of Technical at the MIB, told Sky News: "We've spent a lot of effort in reducing the generic problem in uninsured driving - and we've seen that halved in the last 10 years.

MIB reports that 2.8% of all UK motorists are estimated to drive without insurance, which is about 1 million vehicles on the road.

Paul explained, "The number of claims we receive where the driver leaves the scene of the accident has remained relatively static. Whilst it's reduced slightly, it has increased in the last year and now represents around 60% of all the cases we see in that area."

He added: "Some drivers who initially leave the scene of the accident and are later traced are uninsured... but it clearly doesn't account for the whole of the problem."

MIB is beginning work with an academic institution to carry out research to gain a better understanding of the reasons why people leave the scene of an accident and what can be done to address it.

Sky News reported on Sunday, 21 June, that “many hit-and-run incidents involve drivers who have been drinking or taking drugs. Campaigners argue that a loophole in the law means in some cases those who flee the scene in order to sober up can escape with shorter sentences.”

Kerry Dean is one of those campaigning. She lost her 20-year-old son, Sean Morley, following a hit-and-run accident. She wants tougher sentences for those who drive away.

In the Sky News report, Kerry Dean said: "Sean was alive for up to two hours afterwards. He died in the central reservation of a road that is probably a mile away from us. I can never forgive those people for what they did because they left Sean to die in that way. And that's worse than an animal."